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08-21-2015, 04:03 PM
After dying at Buckingham Palace, every time I try to get back I get the error 'ZOMBI.exe has stopped working' I have tried all of the fixes suggested without success. I can go no further with the game so can I expect a refund?

Windows 10/64bit - GTX 770 (latest drivers)

08-21-2015, 09:46 PM
I have been watching forums the last few days for a remedy on this same issue I have. I noticed you also responded in the thread

I really hope it gets addressed soon. Has nothing to do with resolution changes, vsync, many of the other bug fixed people try to offer. And doesnt even seem narrowed down to this map particularly. I'm thinking it has to do with dying before reaching a fast-travel point.

This is very frustrating as I have reloaded after the crash like 10 times manually backtracking back to Buckingham map and crashes right after exiting the sewers where the Buckingham map animation plays. My experience seems to mirror a few others ... I had died in a tent right after the machine gun where a zombie zerg event happens.

This game is going on backburner until these bugs are addressed, no desire to play the game from scratch. And I have a strong feeling Ubisoft will be criticized soon with mass steam refunds with such a buggy game (ala batman arkham knight)

Windows 8/64bit - R290 (latest drivers)

08-22-2015, 06:44 AM
Good to know it's not a windows 10 thing. :)
I have been looking into the problem as well, and as you say, it's showing up as a definite bug within the game itself, plus a few more that seem to be the fault of the game and noting to do with OS, drivers or systems.

The sooner they confirm this and give a date on a fix the better it will be for them. It's a really good game, but they are going to blow it if they don't react very soon.

08-22-2015, 07:51 PM
Have you tried submitting a support ticket at our support people? I noticed in the other thread that Ubi-Kay suggested it but I didn't see if you did or did not. Support would be the next level of help and the likliest place to get a resolution if one exists, they have a much wider knowledge base than we Community Reps do. We can try and often have success with various issues, we are more informed than a lot of people on particular titles but support is next level and may be able to solve what we can not. Go ahead and give them a try if you haven't already, check my signature for several ways to contact them.

08-22-2015, 10:37 PM
Im getting this too
Windows 7 64bit

08-27-2015, 05:00 AM
UbiChrisMANG: Still waiting on a patch. I noticed you have been active in the Steam discussion on these crashes, and appreciate that you mentioned you bring them up at meetings.

For others interested here's the Steam thread on it (rather long so linking page 3 where UbiChrisMANG gets involved


08-27-2015, 07:07 AM
Oh goodie, they are bringing the problems up at meetings. We have nothing to worry about then.

08-27-2015, 06:44 PM
Oh goodie, they are bringing the problems up at meetings. We have nothing to worry about then.

People do not always add support tickets when they have issues, so Community Reps (that would be me!) routinely keep the various teams (support, developement, etc) informed about things we are seeing on the various community sites. One way to do this is at all-hands meetings for particular titles because you can inform all the teams at once of pressing issues. I know you don't think it helps, but if the behind the scenes teams are not made aware what's being posted they may not have an accurate number count on issues reported and thus some problems might not get the prioritization needed. So it really is a good thing to bring up these things at meetings, it is part of our quantification process when deciding what gets escalated to priority status. I'm very sorry that things have been so frustrating for some of you, as a gamer too it hurts my heart. I don't just work here, I've been gaming since my mom brought home Pong in the 70's. But I will keep trying to do what I can and so will the rest of the Zombi team.