View Full Version : So when are you finally going to fix the H7 site?

08-21-2015, 03:28 PM
The site is having problems again. And i don't think there is even a new article out yet.

Also i think you should communicate a bit more with us on the site. Show some more commitment towards your fans. We know you can't do a lot at this point (since we ask a lot from you). But if you stay silent we will never know and we there are a lot of ppl who are dissapointed.
Work a bit more with us instead of working against us. We all want a good game. There are a lot of ppl who want to help, and those would be all for free too.
I got a lot of ideas that might help you if you will make the expansion or even H8. But then you do have to be open for this and consider those options.