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08-20-2015, 05:11 PM
I bought this game for online co op and leaderboards and both of them are broken. Try to play survival mode co op as the NON HOST especially on GI joe or any level that has alot of enemies. The audio is distorted sometimes not going back to normal, it sounds like the audio is muted and static.There is extreme framerate issues for the non host and the lag builds up. My timer said we were at 10 minutes into the round, his said 12 minutes! (He only lives 2 hours away and we both have open nat) We also switched whos host and it works both ways.

The leaderboard scoring is messed up as well, most the time 1 of us will have half the score of the other even though we did similar work, It seems easier to get a good score solo and really discourages co op play. I usually dont post on forums but these issues have broke my experience and i dont desire to play this. I really would like a refund or and indication of the progress on these game breaking issues.

08-24-2015, 12:28 AM
Yep, game is completely broken. Really sucks that coop mode is so screwed up in particular. I don't understand why Ubisoft won't doing anything about this. Really troubling.