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08-20-2015, 12:58 PM
Itís Thursday! You know why I like Thursdays? Thatís right, we get a bunch of Uplay Recommended tracks. Uplay Recommended tracks being dropped onto Track Central is always a cause for me to be happy. Hopefully you all agree that weíve got a sweet mix of difficulty levels AND game modes today.

I could go on and on about awesome community created tracks, but weíre focusing on the following tracks for this week, so letís just jump right on in.


You&The Eyeless Woods • by kronenb

Welcome to the fantastical world of the Eyeless Woods. Multiple driving decisions need to be made, unless you feel like cheating yourself out of the learning experience and just watch the replaysÖ There is a nice flowing track here in the woods. Obviously inspired by a recently released game, but this track is well done.



PTBK- X-Cross Event by Patabarnack

Let me spoil part of this for you. The Panda is going to be king of this course. The huge jumps, sweeping driving line and 4 wheel power of the Panda will not be beat. This is X-Supercross, so all of the bikes (except the Donkey and Unicorn) are available for riding in SP mode, but reallyÖ Just use the Panda. Unless you think youíre THAT good, in which case post your Pit or Roach times.



Heat of War by funktastic-

This track makes me feel like one of those late 80s or early 90s action movies. No amount of bullets or explosions can stop me. I am invincible, unless I hit my head. There is fun technical line in Heat of War. Itís a longer track than most of what we see, but it has the most fun Egg that I have seen all week. Itís basically an Action Movie trailer. The only thing missing is the overly gravelly voiced announcer.



BCC4: ATARAXIA by Sunqow

Take a spin through a frozen, fast and flowing metallic crystal cave. One of the best parts of this track, for me, was the fact that the Pit Viper and the Roach seem so evenly matched. There are short little hopping sections that seem perfect for the Pit, and longer stretches of full-throttle action with small incline jumps perfect for the Roach. Itís a great balance that makes me want to watch the LBs to see what you all choose to run with.



Bad bone[FG] by FG-312

Bad bone may be set in a town that I would never live in, I mean honestly, itís a desert town where the houses are made of bones. What ended the lives of all of those creatures the village is living in? Where are ANY of the villagers? Itís reckless building in a bone grave-yard. FGís track isnít difficult, but it is crazy fun and fast. It makes great use of editor pieces and effects, and you should play it.


http://static9.cdn.ubi.com/resource/en-US/game/trials/portal/UPR58_dt%20Back%20to%20the%20Basics%20NO1_214436.j pg

-dt- The Basics No. *1 by llDumpTruckll

DumpTruck has put together a really solid arena Trials track with The Basics. Good luck finding flow, but you are just about guaranteed to help advance your technical abilities. Listed as Extreme, I feel itís more of a Hard track, but it is technical. The decoration is just about spot on, I canít find anything that makes me think ďwhatís that doing thereĒ? And itís full 360 degree decoration, which is still pretty rare these days.



Sand & Rust [FG] by FG-312

I know what you are thinking. ďOi, thereís already an FG-312 track in this articleĒ, and youíre right. But this one isnít a Trials track. Sand & Rust makes good use of terrain and decorations to split up the riders, Shogun and I agree that not knowing where your opponents are for brief moments can lead to a bit more excitement, and really, isnít that what X-Supercross is all about?


And thereís the end of the selections for this week. Wish there were more tracks? Dive on into Track Central and let us know YOUR favorite community-built creations.

Until next time, riders.

08-20-2015, 01:52 PM
These are some of the worst Uplay tracks I have played

08-20-2015, 03:22 PM
Well that's certainly an opinion to have. I don't share it, but thank you for the feedback!

08-20-2015, 04:46 PM
Well would you look at that, Funktastic got another pick. :rolleyes: Guess he spoke too soon...

Bad Bone had some nice dťcor, and You&TheEyelessWoods was a nice ode to Ori. I've almost got the speed run line it. Both X-Supercross tracks were excellent. I especially like how Patabarnack's track is easy enough that it truly becomes a "down to the last second" kind of race. I like that better than everyone struggling on a certain obstacle while one player finishes a minute ahead of everyone else.

I was a bit iffy about Heat of War's DL, but the Easter Egg was good fun.

08-20-2015, 05:50 PM

last weeks episode wasnt really anything to do with the recommended but the hate voters i haven't revisited the thread nor the room for that matter. I guess where many would run to hospital with thier problems , i tend to battle them out at home which of course causes many occasions where it gets me into many predicuments. I recall once walking out of the house and down the street naked:p so a little outburst on an internet site is the least of my worries hahaha.:)

I thought the dl was perfect for the roach , roach can be used with technical in mind , it doesnt have to be all plain and simple or flow. If you can use the roach correctly it makes for a good ride other than just using its beef to smooth the terrain. Sometimes i feel the viper gets far to much attention for this and the roach is only deemed good for easy or flow tracks. Also why i added the bmx to it although i wasnt 100% sure of that move. will addmit though there is a few parts which i could have done better , i guess all the attention on the movie sequences took president in that one.

I am actualy so glad this track was picked , the reason being is that i had to make the track twice. Imagine the stuff you know and go along fine using it to do what you are doing then suddenly you get a fever that causes confusion and wipes fragments of what you learnt away. well that happened whilst making this track again as it does almost twice a week and i had to relearn parts of the logic in order to understand what i had already put together. The ones that i couldnt relearn or i was just to tired i had to delete and start again from scratch. making a track isnt as simple for my self as it is most of the gamers in this game. One minute i know what i am doing the next i dont so to actually finish a track in the first place is hard work so yeah i get frustrated lol but till doesnt make it right.

The reason i came here anyway was to thank redlynx for the pic , as much as i may seem an angry customer , i can assure you guys its not as simple as that and far from it. I really do appreciate my tracks still being picked as much as i enjoy making the tracks.

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08-20-2015, 06:59 PM
I disagree with Zurgery. These tracks are pretty good, specially that Bad Bone track. It had an awesome theme! Only track I had some beef with was the You & The Eyless Woods, as I'm really not a fan of custom camera angles.

08-20-2015, 07:42 PM
Good selection. Thanks again!

08-23-2015, 02:29 AM
Ha ha !
thank for the pick, even if i don't think is worth it, but you probably got your reason. (yeah the line is good for a "down to the last second" (i made it whit that in mind for local play whit friend)
ROACH IT !!! lol

anyway, i'm surprise/happy... thank, but take a look at my other one, like "Simulator" or stay tune for the next to come :P

08-24-2015, 11:45 AM
Proud to be part of the select! :-)
I know that camera angle is a prob for some people but it was to respect the original 2d experience.
Long live to trials!