View Full Version : Showing new post of MQ forums only.

08-19-2015, 05:52 PM
Currently, as we click on "What's New" it return forum topics from all other games.

Here's the link to solve the problem:


It returns the result of :
- All topics since your last visit and Newer.
- Topics in MQ forum and subforums only.

If CM could edit the navbar template, please add this new link into the "What's New" feature.

Hope this helps. :)


Experience :
- couple of years being a Vbulletin 3/4/5/ administrator on other forums.

08-19-2015, 06:49 PM
Doesn't work for me... :(

08-20-2015, 12:39 AM
How about

Tested ok.

Edit : Link failed to work after some time. Strange...

08-20-2015, 07:18 AM
I cannot edit the navbar with such a button, and any change we bring to these forums would actually affect all Ubiforums, hence it's pretty tricky.
The solution is to subscribe to threads.

08-23-2015, 03:29 PM
What about changing the game of the forums to be more searchable? IE we could search Google for Mighty Quest forums and only select recently posted.... I have no wish to click every forum to see what's going on.....

Or show us the old forums and let us click the New Posts option there and have it show the new posts for here or or or lol.... Subscribe is not a good option as if someone makes a new thread we have no way to subscribe.