View Full Version : Xbox One Framerate Issue

08-17-2015, 01:41 AM
So I bought the Xbox One standard version of Toy Soldiers: Warchest the day it was released. I'm not sure if I'm the only one experiencing severe framerate drops on the Xbox One version. Especially during long volleys of machinegun fire on approaching enemy infantry. It's ridiculous, the game is really fun, but I couldn't complete the weekly war because of it, Thursdays 35 wave fiasco was causing me to lag on wave 9.

Also I was reading another forum relating to this game and problem and someone mentioned there was a rewind feature on previous games of this series. This is my first Toy Soldiers game, but it seems that a rewind function would be a great addition. Some of these maps require you to battle for a long while, only to lose because you made 1 bad mistake. There's no save game feature like during a standard FPS or RPG where you can save mid-quest so you don't lose hours of life playing in vain. The rewind feature would be a welcome addition.

If you're experiencing the same problems please respond to this thread so the Developers can address the issue accordingly. Not sure if Sony players are experiencing these same issues, but it's definitely a problem on the developer side, the game isn't that intense. X1 & PS4 should be able to handle it easily without any framerate drop.