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08-16-2015, 11:59 PM
HAHA! Titles can be deceiving! I have no information on what MQEL has in store for us, but, here are some other things to look forward to! xD

Here are some youtube links of the top 3 games that I'm most interested in and where I can undoubtedly be found when they release. This will likely be the case even if MQEL gets its act together.. it's just a matter of if I even bother with MQEL once these are out or if I don't look back.

1. Tree of Savior (greenlit, first english cbt complete)


2. Black Desert (first expansion released in kor, western obt around the corner)


3. Umbra (new prototype launched today, kickstarter stretches still active)


Until that time, for me, it's Heroes of the Storm primarily. I know quite a few have gone on to Rocket League.

Where are you and where will you be going?

08-17-2015, 03:00 AM
Cool cool thanks for sharing.

I'll be jumping onto Umbra when it's released as I have it pre-ordered. It has a dungeon creation mode and lots of other things I'm looking forward to discovering. I'll keep an eye out for you in Umbra but I'm not even sure how its Multiplayer is gonna work yet with servers and what-not.

Anyhoot... best of luck and fun on your travels.

08-17-2015, 03:12 AM
"Lost Ark" Looks really cool


atm im in Titian Quest (trying to get my character over 2k hp regen a second, at almost 1k atm), but mostly l4dead2, hearthstone

some really awesome things to check out are

GZDoom (this allows for easy mod application Doom play, right now I have over a dozen doom map packs and over a half dozen game overhauls, this adds up to over 50 different ways to play doom not counting difficulty settings).

here is a link to some simple WODs if you like original Doom :)


Mod Mine craft (Feed the Beast) and others, currently have a friend playing with over 200 mods in one game (hes making his own pack) and that's not even half, most mods containing lots of awesome futures and new worlds with over 1000 of different creatures, characters and quests

here is a link to just a few one can pack together with one another, I enjoy making custom textures blocks with in game 3-d HD textures at over 512x512 resolution blocks, with physics and realistic weather, temperature, breathing in biomes etc.


Mod Skyrim and Morrowind Elder Scrolls

the sky is really the limit with this as there are thousands overly detailed mods out there to choose form and mix.

heres a link to just a few mods to choose from


if u have any questions feel free and hit me up on steam and il get back to you:)

08-17-2015, 03:32 AM
"Lost Ark" Looks really cool


Yeah it's purdy and all but it's a long wait til release. Mid 2016 Korean and Early-mid 2017 rest of the world. I guess at least I can watch the Koreans play it on Twitch then gauge if I'll try it closer to release.

08-17-2015, 05:12 AM
Battlefield 4
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
Dishonored (possibly)

08-17-2015, 03:33 PM
After 2 Years, the promised Safe House customization is finally coming... just have to wait another year for it. In the meantime I'll continue grinding XP to try and get to level 25. I've been playing this game since beta, and my friend and I still have a blast to this day. (Though admittedly some of the DLC is way overpriced/useless.) :hoxton:

08-19-2015, 02:36 PM
Haha, @1:55 "Tree of Savior" video.

The game looks cute. Will buy when it's out!

08-20-2015, 02:22 AM
Haha, @1:55 "Tree of Savior" video.

The game looks cute. Will buy when it's out!

XD That's the Pied Piper class, their skills focus around controlling enemy movements xD The game boasts over 80+ classes atm, with more in development, and I think the number I heard most recently was 118+. So if you like RO, and/or Job Classes, this game would be right up your alley =P The graphics remind me of Final Fantasy Tactics a bit, and the developing studio is also the same team responsible for Grenada Espada (music is right up there too in ToS lol) Steparu has a lot more footage too, the more people I can get into the game the better lol I've been talking it up whenever I can in hopes it helps it succeed if only a little =P It's going to be f2p and they're currently discussing what can be purchased with the overall opinion so far being that it'll be for cosmetics only.. fingers crossed XD

Also, wow, just looked up Lost Ark. Seriously beautiful and I can't believe I didn't know about it lol some of those skills look amazing... I'll def keep my eye on that one too, thanks XD

04-19-2018, 11:50 AM
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