View Full Version : Will their be a "News" tab or am i missing it somewhere?

08-15-2015, 07:15 AM
I enjoyed the options to hit the news tab when logging on to the old MQ website and actually that is my bookmarked log in page instead of the websites Home.

I liked the news timeline and i enjoy the ability to see what i missed immediately in a row if i was gone for a week or two.

Will this news tab be available within these forums or am i just missing it?

Where should i post questions like these? Is their a questions sub forums somewhere?

I noticed that Garrison is the general discussion area, but i first saw this general discussion tab and immediately assumed it was general discussion main instead of general discussion tab inside the Feedback section because i didn't see the General discussion hidden inside the Garrisons text description. So im posting this more as a suggestion to maybe enhance clarity of text, such that, it will be easier to understand and navigate to desired areas for newcomers. Maybe have something like Garrison (General Discussion) all in bold because the General discussion gets lost in the text describing what the fun, but kind of useless for navigational purposes, Garrison title is. Having these witty titles is fun, but one must first read the descriptions thoroughly before understanding were they actually are going. This feels a little clunky as does not being able to read the skinny black text above the page, when one is trying to navigate back to ones original position. (I actually hit forums up at the very top and came to the Oh realization of that there was MQ text connected to a very small Home icon under it above the white box of the forum page top.) Lets maybe add some single tone backing to these tabs so it doesn't get lost in the background image. :)

08-19-2015, 03:27 PM
There won't be any news button, but I agree the navigation of the forums is not always easy. I will see if some sub-forums can be merged for more clarity.