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08-14-2015, 12:40 AM
Played about 2+ hours of multiplayer and saw a single hard track come up for vote. Luckily everyone voted for it and I was treated to a brief reminder that trials multiplayer can actually be alot of fun.

Hard tracks, as the saying goes, are about as rare as a unicorn. Except I actually saw several unicorns.

I know you dont want to split the population with a hardcore trials mode, but frankly I dont think there is a population to split. The people I was racing with were clearly not the types that would be interested in playing hardcore trials. If anything they would probably be grateful that the types of players interested in hardcore trials have their own separate mode so they dont end up in their lobbies ruining their fun.

There really needs to be a way for like minded players who want to race hard/extremes to get matched up with each other. Or at the very least ensure one hard/extreme is available for every round of voting so they can be raced more often than once every couple hours.

08-14-2015, 01:40 AM
It would be nice to see a simple MP count when playing...similar to tournaments. It's hard to believe so few play out of almost a million copies sold on PS4.
That's the issue with releasing 10 months in, then making the proper adjustments 6 months after that.
Hate to say I said, nobody would be playing...but it appears I was spot on.
It's too bad, but maybe they plan on carrying the coding over to the next game. The MP in general lacks any competitiveness because most good players, don't play. Very few have 7 people to launch a room with, especially on PS4. I'm probably playing with 10 years old kids riding unicorns....the glory.
A well carried out MP would help the franchise. Hopefully next time around, this will happen. Edgier look, more interesting MP modes, XP points that do something for you in game.
Fun post to myself...haha

08-14-2015, 12:51 PM
I think it is pretty clear why Fusion mp is dead and why it never got off the ground in the first place.
The majority of players that are interested in Trials online multiplayer want to play hard & extreme difficulty tracks
for the simple reason that those races generally last longer and are objectively way more exciting.
Racing on easier, short tracks gets old very quickly. Lower difficulty tracks just aren't really suited for multiplayer.

And i know that RL has stated before that "barely anybody played mp on Evo" (paraphrase)
but this was not true at all according to people who actually played the mode on a daily basis.
I can tell from my own experience, with thousands of online Evo games played, that it was a very active mode in the first 15 or so months after release.

Fusions multiplayer (and lack of mp at release) is a missed opportunity.
Hopefully lessons will be learned from the mistakes and we will have a great mp mode again in the next Trials game.

08-16-2015, 03:53 AM
Shame on me for coming into this thread.

Thinking I may read something that hasn't been recycled and talked about over and over again?

RedLynx knows what they did wrong and I'm 100% confident that they're going to take the steps to correct it in the future. We're not talking about little kids who didn't goto college or a company run by a group of people who don't take the time to interact with a large majority of its players to figure out what it is we like and dislike. If we could (as a community) build a better game than RL then shoot, let's all start a company together and shut these guys down... *crickets*

Don't make me go all fan-boy "Vegas Trash from a month ago" on you guys.. Cause I'll do it. Think I won't. I dare you. And then guess what. Boom. I will.

Jokes aside - RedLynx won't let us down. Once Evo 2 drops with the revamped physics system we're all going to be one big happy community again.

I love you Rob!

Edit -> They should filter more hard/extreme's into MP. This is obvious.

08-18-2015, 11:06 PM
ye I was enquiring the same about 3 months ago..i did notice the other day I could d/l 5 tracks...but hardly any of them appeared and when they did hardly anyone voted on them.

When I did play on them they where fun to be honest...so sick of the usual tracks..

I would like far far more UG tracks, there are so many great user tracks that are made and would be an excellent add ons.

Can you please add options to download and play UGT online?

This game can be fun and you seem like developers that do care about its customers....don't let the game die

we are buying your packs etc....so give some back for online players

08-19-2015, 07:28 AM

Part of the improvements coming for Multiplayer is related to UGC.
We will improve the UGC download in multiplayer before adding more.
At the moment, there are some UGC tracks but in limited number.