View Full Version : What Was good in 1404 and 2070 and what would you like to see?

08-12-2015, 03:48 PM
Since i don't know any other player near me i am curious if u guys feel the same way or not?

Anno 2070:

+++ Good profit balance from both taxes and trade
++ Map and islands large enough
+- Research was nice but to complex
---AI players where terrible!
---factions where terrible
---no land armies??
--City disasters where never serious
--Map wide upgrades trough arc??!
-No cargo transportation aircraft??!

Anno 1404:

+++ interaction with other players apart from war (sabotage and council seats)
+++ Pirates act like they should! Trying to make money off you before attacking you
+++ war was like it should be in anno, slow and expensive
++Nice starter and unique flagship and all start at the same spot
++ City disasters where good also other buildings to support your houses where needed(carpenter)
++beatiful and great variety in ships
++ gems for achievements
+npc's on an island
+factions (occident & orient) where well done
---to slow for multiplayer
-pirate base could not be destroyed
-palace had no purpose whatsowever...
-taxes ment next-to nothing

Both + suggestions:

-instead of only sabotaging other players, why not helping them by sending guests to players like in anno 1702?
-Money is to less of a resource, you can sell anything to an npc but you can't buy to easily.
All goods and resources should be (perhaps at an increased price) always be able to be bought in all quantities.

-To little interaction with other players when not at war, i do have a couple of suggestions for this:
Make 1 big faction that does not need every new good to be happy to advance to the next civelization level.
for example in 2070: if tycoon and eco where 1 big faction the employees would require junk food OR health food.
The player would have choice to produce either one of them for the employee's to advance to the next civelization level.
If u could make both it would increase tax rate. BUT this would also mean that if player A makes junk food and player B makes health food,
they would be more eager to trade with eacht other for the bonus tax rate and do not fear when a player no longer wants to trade,
the bonus tax rate would go away but the people would not go complaining.

This i would like to see in the new anno!
And what could make this even more awsome and is truely lacking in an economic game like anno are variable prices.
almost never do goods increase or decrease in price, it should change!
If we take again the example When player A & B are producing junk food and player C would produce Health food,
Then the price of health food should go up whilst the price of junk food would go down.

So what do you guys think?

08-12-2015, 07:43 PM
from 2070:
- endless useless researches in academy and lab
- real useful items had to be bought. and more importantly... FOUND though a myriad of refreshes in neutral parties arks.
- as you said, npc were terrible. i liked to see real cities.

once you play a long or very long game, or several of these then you notice that:
- placing farms is very tedious. a system to place premade farms (maybe made by the player) would be good
- there should be a quick button to load your ship with all the tools needed, like tools, building modules, concrete
- the routes manager was a good addition, but it needed more space in screen. if you have many routes its hard to search them.

well, i wont continue. i made an entire post here: