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08-10-2015, 05:59 PM
1) It needs to be about Assassins and Templars. By making Jacob and Evie born and bred Assassins there is really no excuse to not have their story primarily centred around that. They need to be proud Assassins and their titles should not be used apologetically. From what we've seen from the trailers their motivation seems to be all business - that is, they're on a mission to liberate London although Jacob views London more cynically than Evie who seems more hopeful. Now, unfortunately somebody spoiled something for me about their parents so I have a horrible feeling there may be a revenge angle in there. If that's the case that's fine except I hope their parents are also Assassins and that somehow they can tie it in with the Brotherhood. The Brotherhood needs to be their world and not merely something used as a means to an end. Their targets needs to be Templars or tied to Templars somehow. I do like that in Evie's game play we saw that any red "guards" were really just Templars in disguise. Whereas the blue guards were actual police officers. No forced or convenient "the extremists are paid by the Templars" BS. Also, J & E they need to be focused on obtaining the pieces of Eden. They shouldn't be acquiring pieces of Eden by mere luck. If they're born and bred Assassins they would be trained on the artefacts at this point in history.

2) The relationship between Evie and Jacob needs to be tight. It was clear that much like naval combat in AC3 was really a prototype for AC4'S pirate centric game play , Arno and Elise's missions were a testing ground for dual protagonists especially male and female ones which is why Ubi now have the confidence to make the female character playable. But unlike Unity they must SHOW us their relationship, not merely tell us. I already love the line "for my brother, for my sister, for family" because that tells us that Jacob and Evie value family above all and being part of this secret cult must add an extra layer to their family dynamic. We need to establish them as brother and sister as well as hardcore Assassins. We need to see them hanging out and playing games together. Please make me care about these characters. And please, PLEASE don't kill off Evie ffs.

3) Good pacing. In most AC games there's always an event that triggers the journey of our protagonist. In AC1 it was when Altair was caught and punished by Al Muliam. In AC 2 it was when Ezio saw his family killed. In AC3 it was when Connor's mother died. AC1 started off with that big event and paced it slowly from there seeing as it wasn't an origin story but an introduction to the Brotherhood. AC 2 made you hang out with Ezio's family first before offing all male members because his was an origin story so pre-eventa need to be treated with care. Unity was choppy and erratic in its pacing which lead to several unearned moments that just left me cold. One minute Arno and Elise were star crossed lovers the next Elise was telling Arno she'd never see him again. It came out of nowhere and felt rushed.

That is all. It's not hard. I know Ubi still have the good story telling capabilities in them so I wouldn't make this thread if I had completely given up on AC. I've seen the lack of hype and all the negativity in the YouTube comment section and it's really bumming me out. AC used to be the thing that made me look forward to Autumn. I want to see AC return to its former glory and I think this would be a good start.

08-10-2015, 06:14 PM
Good points.

Relating to what you said about the parents:

The Twins' mother died in childbirth, though she was most likely not an Assassin.

As for the father, well he was an Assassin, but he died of natural causes so not much chance of a revenge plot happening.

08-10-2015, 06:26 PM
Those YT comments are disheartening, but they are not without some truth to what the Assassin's Creed series has become for Ubisoft. The tiring and tedious revenge plot can stay as long as it is not something that the two characters will pursue and reference throughout the whole game. Syndicate can be as bias as the Ezio Trilogy all it wants, but it really needs memorable characters and an interesting story to help keep those characters meaningful to the plot. I can hardly remember more than a quarter of the characters in Unity, because they were all so irrelevant to the plot or they were hardly mentioned at all.

Overall, I feel like Victorian London has been wasted already, and if this game does disappoint then Ubi just destroyed even more of their fan base and a popular setting that many wanted long ago. Syndicate's graphics do look better than Unity's, but it's always the final product that looks like crap, and so, I'm expecting disappointment.

08-10-2015, 06:30 PM
I'd be alright with it starting as them already being established assassins, we've already done the whole seeing them from when they were children thing, twice, that kinda thing is useful for like tutorials and stuff, but it can be a bit boring. And having the assassin find and be inducted into the order is useful for introducing people to the idea of the assassin's and gives context for exposition, but we've already done that, in black flag you don't even meet the assassins until halfway through the game, and it's only in like, the second to last sequence that you really become allies with them. Even in AC2 Ezio doesn't technically join the order until he's in his late 20's. What i'm saying is very few of the games really had much stuff about the Order:

AC1 had them as an established and powerul faction.
AC2 they seemed more like a rich persons club, like 7 bored people who've found a hobby.
ACB a little better, with a base of operations, recruits out doing missions, various fronts and side enterprises, it felt more like a network, which is a more realistic way of doing it that having a castle.
ACR though i didn't like the game, i liked how it started with an already established brotherhood, for the most part the same situation as ACB
AC3 didn't have an assassin order, one old guy who is extremely unhelpful for the most part, and some initiates, who's recruitment makes me question Connor's judgment (looking at you Stephanie). This game essentially had you in the same position as Brotherhood, but just didn't pull it off as well, even when you had all those recruits, who you could send out on missions, none of it ever felt like assassins creed, just like a bunch of people doing a bit of killing. (I don't think they even mention the creed throughout the whole game)
Black Flag, like i said, you hardly see them, but at least they do have more of an assassin brotherhood feel to them.
And i never played Rogue or Unity, no idea how they handled it. Badly is what i'm guessing.

So yes, the point i'm getting at is; i'd quite like an established, working order and for the protagonists to start either as members, or at least good allies.
They could have flashback segments were we play through bits of their past, like their introduction to the Assassin's and all that though.

08-10-2015, 07:10 PM
Can't say for Unity, but we do see quiet an established order in Rogue.

08-10-2015, 07:45 PM
I would generally like a broader story that used the Assassins and Templars as a metaphor for something meaningful.

08-10-2015, 07:56 PM
I just want a good story, doesn't matter what its about or who the protagonist is, I have no problem with tropes, as long as I am being told a good well thought story with interesting characters, gameplay needs to work and be fun too.

08-10-2015, 08:06 PM
So yes, the point i'm getting at is; i'd quite like an established, working order and or the protagonists to start either as members, or at least good allies.
They could have flashback segments were we play through bits of their past, like their introduction to the Assassin's and all that though.


08-10-2015, 08:36 PM
Can't say for Unity, but we do see quiet an established order in Rogue.

Both Rogue and Unity has that, so yep.