View Full Version : I'm not getting a refund because...........

08-03-2015, 02:42 PM
I'm not getting a refund because the beta is not going to come out now. I'm getting a refund because I (along with everyone else) was lied to. Me, personally will never believe a word that comes out of your mouths again. I have no reason to believe that the game will be released on Nov. 3rd. As far as I'm concerned (with many other people) you guys made it sound like the beta was already out. How I see it. You guys had no intentions of releasing a beta and you were just trying to get some money coming in. You guys are sad.

08-08-2015, 03:29 AM
So now they're coming out with an explanation a couple weeks after Games con. One has to ask "Why so long? What kind of garbage are you going to feed us now?" There's a reason why they did it. I find it hard to believe that they did it on a whim and are going to come up with a reason two to three weeks later. They know why they did it, they're just trying to make up a good story up to tell us. I wonder if anyone is going to believe there explanation. It's not that we're not getting the beta, it's the whole lying to everyone who pre-ordered for the beta. This isn't the first time Ubi has been shady and I'll bet this won't be the last time either.
If I was Blue Byte I would part ways with Ubi...... Fast.... I would support Blue Byte before Ubi any day of the week, and I'm pretty sure I'm not just speaking for myself.