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Abstergo Entertainment was founded in 2010, tasked with creating digital entertainment based off of the Animus Technology. They quickly developed a gaming console derivative, and eventually sold their first game, Liberation, in 2012.

In the invisible war between the Assassins and the Templars, this was a landmark moment. The Templars single handedly shone the light on both factions with extreme scrutiny and suddenly the world knew everything about them?

Or did they?

With credit to Abstergo, the genius of the Templar plan is that now they can point to any major event or implication, and cite them as purely fictional. After all, you've been playing the video games, it must be rubbish right?

This opens up many issues for we, the real life player though. How much of what we see now, is actually truth? By Helix's own advertising, it is an "educational entertainment". Nowhere does it state that the content is factual. This gives the Templar order free rein to manipulate, and adjust the public perception of the Assassin Brotherhood as they see fit.

Within AC Liberation, we see some of this being played out. Abstergo actively amends some of the scenes pulled from genetic memory, to the point that the actual ending of the game shows Aveline abandoning the Assassins, and joining the Templars.

A group of individuals became aware of this. Known collectively as Erudito, they aided you into revealing the original unedited scenes. Their activites can also be seen throughout AC3's multiplayer, where even simple flavour text is shown to be fabricated drivel crafted by the Templars.

With the onset of Helix system by the time of AC Unity, Abstergo gaming has become a purely cloud experience. Now you are completely at the mercy of Abstergo's servers, and what it contains. Which begs the question, how easy is this data to manipulate now?

Well, the Assassins clearly have the capability to manipulate the data. For example, at the start of Dead Kings, Bishop casually changes your outfit with relative ease. And if the Assassins can change things, what of Juno, whom is hiding within the networks? Just think of the chaos that would ensue, if Juno became aware of you and started throwing the entire digital world at you? We got a taste of what this might look like in the Rift sections of Unity.

But what of the Grey? Clay was shown to be more than capable of amending the Animus software back in the day. Does this digital scape allow them to enter and once more interact with us? We could yet see Desmond again.

The Animus hardware has always had a software element to it. Fundamentally, it is entirely possible that some of the historical events of AC1 to AC3 were manipulated by Templar insiders. Any of those events may or may not have happened.

So here we are Initiates. With the events of Syndicate about to unfold, just remember; everything you experience may be a complete and utter fabrication. Be it by Abstergo, Templar, Assassin, Erudito, Clay, Desmond, or Juno.

Seeing is believing. Whatever version of the truth that might be.


That plus the Ubisoft writers can redact events as Abstergo edits.
"Nope! Didn't actually happen!" -_-

(Images Credit to the AC Wiki (http://assassinscreed.wikia.com/wiki/Assassin%27s_Creed_Wiki))

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