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07-31-2015, 06:48 PM
I was looking at some old videos and thought I would post the download links. They are on Copy.com so I recommend downloads as their video replay isn't very good, buffers a lot. So I would download them instead. I was doing a lot of Outpost Reset missions then, setting explosive ambushes and luring bots into them. Also a fair amount of vehicular random acts of violence LOL. I was just learning video editing at the time so forgive some of the editing.

Have fun and enjoy!

The first is my favorite. I flip a bad guy truck and it starts rolling at high speed. It ejects a bot and throws him all the way to the bottom of the mountain.

The second is a take down of one of the farms. I am purposefully causing the alarm to be tripped because of mines I've laid for a trap. Some decent bow work in this one.

The third is an outpost take down where I lay a trap with C4 and a mine. I instigate a response then get a big guy to follow me into the trap. I'm waiting to set it off with the C4 but another bot trips the land mind and surprised me with an early set off.

Number four shows how you can hit a moly-coctail thrower with a shot, and set him on fire. I used this trick often to sow confusion and sometimes set other bots on fire by contact.

The last is a bit of vehicular mayham, sort of Mad Max style.

I really think FC3 was better for the Outpost Reset play and random acts of violence on the roads than FC4. I think the mountains tend to limit the amount of activity on the roads and that cuts down on the random fun factor some. They both have their high points, for FC3 I think it is the random mayhem where it shines.