View Full Version : No more space - difficulty leveling

07-26-2015, 11:34 PM
Hello. All the while I do enjoy the game, I have come to a road block. I find it very difficult to level up and I have collected all but 2 horses. And while I have been breeding to get them, I find myself out of room. I really only have 2 options. Spend the money, or level up. As always, I spend the little in the beginning of the game to kinda make my donation and get a little bit of a jump start, but it is becoming almost seemingly impossible not to spend gems - and with not many ways to get gems, comes enticing to spend money. I like this game, I really don't want to quit. But I find it very difficult to not just go "Eh... Well I'm not any further than I was yesterday. What's the point?" I would love to see this game advance and more horse breeds come out like the thoroughbred, Clydesdale, Friesian, Percheron, etc. maybe even make something like a unicorn and a Pegasus. Make those your cash cows... Or horses. Lol. Some one will buy them. But don't nickel and dime everyone over every single advance. Makes the game very difficult to finish. I think there's good ideas here and you're attracting a particular crowd of horse lovers. And that's great. I need a break from my dragons every now and then. But my dragon games don't force me to spend money. They give me the option. Example: I'm a working class American. I don't have time to spend on the game 12 hours a day non stop. They have an event going and I don't have enough to make the special dragon. I can spend a little change or wait until the next event. Hmmm... The staff has been very open minded and listened to us, there's numbers of opportunities to gain gems, coins, and XP, and truth be told, I've spent a little here and a little there.
Don't take notes from FarmVille. Take notes from DragonVale. I've played the game for going on 4 years. I'm almost embarrassed to say I've spent a couple hundred. I get iTunes cards... I don't buy music, I'm getting tokens for dragons or getting gems so I can buy a dragon, because they don't force me, they give me the option. I'm at the drug store and pass by the gift card rack and pick up a $25 gift card. Why? I want that new seasonal dragon. Sure I can save the gems... But I want it now. I have the option. I hope you can smell what I'm stepping in. I think it could help develope and steer you in the right direction before you set yourself up for failure. 😊