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07-26-2015, 02:02 PM
Those who are looking for a clan, Wait no longer!

Those who are looking for a new clan for Rainbow, you can join Digital clan, A new found clan wanting to take off, and is looking for new members, we will most likely play Rainbow non-stop and will be doing recruitment challenges, even if you get bored of Rainbow, we will be playing other games such as:

Grand Theft Auto
Battlefield 4
and Rocket League

Please advise this will be only on PS4

These games are for people who dislike Rainbow in the end, meaning that you can play with others, even if you hate the game. We are recruiting anyone who is willing to join, so register if you want to but you have to be over 13.

We already have positions marked out for new comers, and we like to have fun and muck around some times, but we will be a competitive crew, we may even give out prizes to people who are doing great jobs, such as 20$ PSN cards monthly

We only have one downside, you will have to make a new account depending if you want to join, or you can just be a half member unable to receive prizes, these people will be the ones who will not change their accounts.

For those who are joining with a fresh account, the clan part of you're name will have to be:

Dgtl_(insert name here.)

My contact account is Dgtl_Mute

So apply below with you're account name, and we will give you a try out, thanks.

07-26-2015, 02:28 PM
Also we have other members of the team, you can contact them at

and Dgtl_Sledge