View Full Version : Assassin's Creed Syndicate

07-25-2015, 12:46 PM
In my detailed analysis of gameplay demo videos of AC Syndicate I could see that the option to loot the bodies was removed from the game to make room only action loads them ...
I beg to, for God's sake, do not do it !!! Loot and load bodies have always been part of the franchise and remove it would be a mistake.
It is so simple to keep both;
* To open chests, press the B button * Loot bodies, hold B
* Load bodies Holding RT and B simultaneously until they are at Jacob's shoulder.
I was happy to see that we can use knives throwing them on the floor to draw the attention of enemies, but will we be able to recover them after you kill them?
Create difficulty levels in the initial menu, because the way it is, the game is back to please the more casual players, the enemies remain static as they were beaten and accept punches very easily. It should become more difficult after we were sighted.
You might well free some of the demo so we can send our feedbacks, huh!
Please let us work together to try to make the best Synsicate Assassin's Creed all. If you need to postpone the launch to make this possible, so be it.