View Full Version : Whats up with all those design choices... :S

07-21-2015, 09:53 PM
i try to enjoy this game... but since this BS2 crap this game has went down hill

- hero skills arent balanced, some are ridiculous...
- Stacks (Anton, spawning chamber, bone to bone, to name a few...)
- arkats..., whats the fun now playing Sanctury with Mizu-Kami's???
- titan workforce... and more shockwave
- infect blast?!

back in the days u could make counter decks... now its only a one sided battle when facing OP decks

07-24-2015, 03:09 AM
Ehh, yes and no.

But the yes is a card you didn't even mention...

What you did mention is basically, no, not OP, not a problem. Yes, some matchups are always bad, it's always been this way, and it always will be this way, but beating Anton with a lot of decks is trivial, beating arkaths decks is not that hard for some, titan workforce and masfar is strong, but dies autoamatically too.

Infect blast is entirely irrelevant, but poison decks are incredibly annoying, and out side of Sigfried and Seria token decks are kind of meh but both Sieg and Seria die horribly to certain control decks...

Thing is, this meta is sooooo much better than the SoB Kal meta it's not even funny.