View Full Version : Disturbing mistakes in the Polish language game description on Steam

07-19-2015, 01:14 PM
Hi guys.

Just a heads-up. The description of the game on Steam - its Polish version - has a few quite disturbing language quirks. Hope they don't make it to the full game :D

'Izotom' - this word does not exist in Polish. In the context of Helium-3 which is an isotope of Helium, the word 'Izotop' should be used. It might be a typo, but well....

'Fuzja atomowa' - another phrase which does not exist in the Polish glossary. 'Fuzja jądrowa' is OK. I assume it is a translation from Nuclear Fusion or something.

There are a few typos as well like 'kontyntnty' instead of 'kontynenty' and a few awkward stylistic decisions in sentence structure. I am writing this, as I have got used to Ubisoft games to be translated on a good level and with Anno being my most favoured series of all your franchises, I would like to see it bug-free, languagewise :-)

Forward this coment to any of your social site managers or whoever it is that takes care of localisations for Steam. I hope those mistakes won't find their way into the game itself.

Your friendly, neighbourly translation nazi :-)


07-22-2015, 05:32 PM
Hi Aziraphael,

I forwarded the issues to the appropriate team. They are currently working on it :)

Thank you for pointing it out.

Have a nice day,