View Full Version : Gaining diamonds...

07-18-2015, 09:34 PM
I was hoping that after the arabian event the team would have brought back the chance to gain diamonds during the races, but unfortunately it didn't happen.
I truly don't understand why we have so many ways to gain coins and no chance at alla for diamonds!
Racing doesn't make that much of a sense anymore because if you can't get any diamonds what do you race for? Coins? Not necessary because you can make enough coind with the structures!!
I think it is stupid to spend actual money to win first place that give you way less diamonds compared to those you spent. Really uncomprehensible!
Many people like me, won't ever spend money to buy diamonds, so that means that we will be penalized for that?
I used to race a lot every day and play a lot because it is a very nice game, but now I just check for just a few minutes every day just to get the 10 diamonds reward.
Not funny anymore...
I truly hope the team will reconsider and bring back the chance to gain diamonds again.