View Full Version : Assassin's Creed: Rogue crashing

07-18-2015, 09:59 AM
ok heres my problem when ever i play my game of Assassins creed rogue i have to start a fresh new game every time i try and log in to an old save same thats came from cloud save or an old game i played early in the day the game crashes out to windows with no error message other than message saying program as stop working and i have to click it to close down the game

07-18-2015, 10:28 PM
Hello and welcome to the Forums Andy,
Does your PC meet the minimum requirements (https://support.ubi.com/en-US/FAQ/9/4610/ac-rogue-minimum-requirements/kA030000000elJXCAY)?

You may want to try and disable cloud sync.

If you're still having issues, please create a Ticket with Support so they can troubleshoot it with you.
https://support.ubi.com (https://support.ubi.com/)


08-02-2015, 06:37 PM
You can also check the support forum.