View Full Version : unmarked no-fly zones. Great job, programming interns.

07-16-2015, 04:40 PM
Going for my first L mission in my (10th, 11th?) playthrough. Took the buzzer. Got to the point and it's
apparently a no-fly zone. Chopper went out of my control, elevated until it stalled, then dropped until
it could start again. This continued for a minute or two until it ended up landing (sort of) while it was
beeping a stall warning. Since it can't drop, it can't start. I'm stuck sitting there, with no way to move,
and no way to exit the buzzer. Also, of course, none of the keys work since I guess it's yet another
bug, perhaps a video scene that's supposed to play when one gets there on foot. At any rate,
I'm going to have to kill the game and hope that I don't get hit with the ever-popular save bug.
Whatever intern came up with the idea of no-fly zones, and how to deal with them, is over-paid
even if he works for free. Great job there guys. Oh, if I sound frustrated, it's because I am. $90
for a game that STILL has bugs, a year after it was released, that plus the fact that the console-like
save strategy means I have to travel all the way back to the mission again. Of course the main cause
of the frustration is what COULD HAVE BEEN. FC4 could have been the best game released in the
last 10 years. Parts of it are so FREAKING AWESOME it's like eating a perfect Fillet Mignon. But then
along comes an issue, like needing 3 hands to craft syringes, or the unmarked no-fly zones, or the
bugs in the map where you have to find a secret spot but it's under ground (literally unreachable,
below the riverbed).
So it's like eating a steak, as I said, then going from fillet to cow rectum.

07-17-2015, 01:41 PM
Programmers don't do things like that. Blame the game designers.

And yes, I hate the no-fly zones too. They are just stupid and cheap solution for a problem (what problem, really?).