View Full Version : 2 players on same console cant both have starter pack and prime?!?!?!?!

07-15-2015, 02:40 PM
my roommate and I have both of our XBL profiles on my Xbox one, I have been playing air mech arena for quite some time, im a level 22, I have a ton a mech variants and 2 tons of cosmetics. I have purchased air mech prime, the starter pack and 8 different diamond packs...............my roommate finally decided to check the game out and im pretty excited about that cuz air mech is one of my favorite games.so anyway, he went to buy the starter pack and it told him he already owned the pack and the same for air mech prime download as well. so because I downloaded them to MY profile. he CANT get them because I already got them???? so an interested player wants to throw money at u guys for the promotional and membership packs, cant do so, because I already have them downloaded via MY profile?????????? that's ******** and I will stop playing all together if that is truly how they run things. they should be just like the diamond packs, attached to ur profile, not ur console!! can someone please explain how my friend and roomie can get what he wants out of air mech without having to shell out 500 for a whole new Xbox one console??? cuz if this cant be figured out, then u guys will lose out on AT LEAST $30 and 2 players...............