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07-14-2015, 07:12 PM
Submit your most hilarious fatalities and epic fails for a chance to be crowned The Emperor of Ending in our Funniest Death Lottery.

The Emperor of Ending will be chosen at random and awarded with the equivalent of 2 Connoisseur Packs! All winners will have their titles changed in the Forums until the next winner is crowned. We will also post 2 Honorable mentions; the Prince of Parting and the Lord of Loss.
All Winners will be announced in our Funniest Death Lottery Winners thread.
Below is a complete list of rules for the Funniest Death Lottery;

• Limit of 2 videos, per player, per lottery. Should you post more than 2 videos only the first 2 posted will be considered so chose carefully.
• Videos can come from the in-game files, YouTube or any other video sharing site that the general public can access.
• Alternatively you can also source your own replays by simply being in or making a clan. ***
• All videos must portray the player who is posting dying, posts of other people’s deaths will not be considered.
• All entries must be submitted in the Funniest Death Lottery Submissions thread.
• The Community Mangers will announce the start of each new lottery however, all posts after the end of the last Lottery, will be automatically entered into the next lottery.
• There are no minimums for video quality however the image and context must be clear.


*All post which are not related to submissions or the discussion of submissions will be moved to another thread or deleted.
** All posts must adhere to the terms of service and Forum rules.
*** Thank you IMBIGNSCAREY and uItim4t3_hunt3r for this great tip!

07-14-2015, 07:14 PM
For previous entries please see the old forums here (https://www.themightyquest.com/en/forums/official/topics/funniestdeathlottery?page=1)

08-11-2015, 07:33 PM
But.... how it? What? Slowtorch bug to the face = funny death

game://replay/start?attackId=55ca3ef55c98321944ab8032 :p

08-12-2015, 07:18 AM
Here are the Materials Fate chose for Round 04!