View Full Version : Ghost recon wild lands

07-12-2015, 03:47 PM
played the first ghost recon years back on a mac and by playing i was thinking/wishing about a more open world or bigger maps, i loved playing as sniper and i loved the extentions and mods for sp :cool:

and now you give us wildlands, im shure gameplay is as shown in the video and so im still waiting

and i found a new game beside THE CREW and warframe, GHOST RECON WILD LANDS

great, so no need for me to go back to COD-series ;)

04-09-2016, 02:49 PM
and i hope ghost recon wild lands is more puristic as the other shooters where i can use view, my mind and weapons and my reconabilities without the technical overlad/information as in the division (which i dont play) or ghost recon future soldier (which i dont play too)

i come from the first ghost recon game and i simply loved it because of its purism

thats just my innocent wishes for a more then good game and teamplay :cool:

as it looks like right now i think i get what i waited for the development of the ghost recon series since the first ghost recon game ...