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07-09-2015, 07:24 PM
Frequently Asked Questions

Rezna, an Ambassador for the Mighty Quest for Epic Loot Community created a list of Frequently Asked Questions and answer them in this FAQ thread (https://www.themightyquest.com/en/forums/newcomers/topics/faq-25054).

If you have anymore please add to the list here! I have copied the original post/ list from this thread below, some answers have been updated in red which do not reflect Rezna's original post:

1.) How do players my same level have Castle's with more rooms or defense points than what I can do?
You gain more rooms from upgrading the Architect Office. You gain 20 more defense points each time you upgrade your Summoning Portal.
This was changed you now level up your Castle by upgrading your Castle Heart. Your Hero can not be more than 6 levels higher than your Castle Heart at any given time. At that point your Hero will stop gaining XP.

2.) How come I don't get any loot when I search for someone from the forums?
A couple patches ago targeted attacks was changed to practice attacks to try to prevent some abusive behavior.This was changed you now can do 1 Targeted Attack every 8 hours. Up to a maximum of 5. :)

3.) How do I disable the shield so I can get more attacks against me?
Simply left click the shield on your defense screen and confirm the dialog message popup.

4.) How can I get rid of my unwanted Hero / get another Hero?
You get to pick 1 Hero for free. The Runaway is currently only early access with the purchase of a pack. You can't get rid of a Hero.

5.) Is my Castle able to be raided when I am offline?

6.) Can I attack Castle's cooperatively with my friends?
No, not at this time.

7.) How do I make a time attack for the profile stats?
.... ?? I think this is the friend challenge??

8.) What affects my Castle level?
Your Castle level is determined by the level of your Castle Heart.

9.) How do I rotate the camera?
Simply push the arrow buttons on the game screen or use your left / right arrow keys on your keyboard.

10.) How do I earn gold and life force? Everything seems so expensive?
Find some rich neighbor's to pillage. If the shields are all up on your screen, find the More Castle's button.

11.) Do the rating's at the end of a Castle you have beat actually do anything? What about the spot to write in comments? Does the player recieve those? The rating's are a system for the matchmaking screen. ??i think?? Comments show up in the Battlelog for other player's.

12.) How do I change the theme of my Castle decorations?
In defense screen, there is a button for Cornelius Emporium . In this is a tab for picking which theme you want for your Castle. You can also preview theme's before you buy them.

13.) I have seen mention about packs / patches? How often is the game patched? Where can I read about what was fixed or changed?
The game is updated every month. The news section is a good place to start. Edit: the Game currently has weekly patches

14.) How much does it cost up buy more workers so that I can upgrade more things at a time? First = 10 bling, then 500 bling, then 1000 bling, then 2000 bling then.... ???
There are no longer workers. There used to be timer's to build all your upgrades, now everything is done as soon as you pay for it.

15.) The game is free to play coming out, why buy entry into the beta?
Purchasing a Double 0 Pack gains entry into the beta, but also the packs come with different bonuses. Such as a little bit more bling than what you would get for the same price, plus some extra's.
The double o pack's are no longer for sale. Now you can buy the diamond pack's which come with some early access stuff like the newer Hero The Runaway and the awesome Flameo. Edit: the Game has been released

16.) When the game is done with open beta, will our accounts be reset?
No there is no progression reset planned. Only crowns will be reset.

17.) Which payment options are available for purchasing a Double O pack?
You can pay by credit card, paypal, paysafe, and ultimate game card.

18.) What is the point of crowns?
Crowns are a PvP rating scale.

19.) How do we change our forum name from, guest19879 or mighty9871998?
You should be able to change your name now here. The easiest way is to call the support site imo.
Support from MQ will tell you to go to Uplay, but I found no way to change your username there when I looked.

20.) I had a great number of attacks on my Castle, but when I went to my defense screen I only had 10 tomstone's to loot. What happen to the other tombstones?
There is a limit on how many tombstone's you can get in order to try to prevent some exploitative behaviors.

21.) How come this game doesn't have a chat like other MMO's?
A chat system is currently in test phases on the Canada servers.
Chat is live now. :)

22.) How do I buy blings?
Click the shop button in game or the shop heading on the website.

23.) How do I change which character I am playing with?
If you have more than 1 character up at the top right it will show their portraits. Click whichever 1 you wish to play with.

24.) Can I trade loot with my friends?
No there is not trading between players. Edit: the Steam market allowed this briefly but has since been removed. Only items still for sale will be visible.

25.) What is the 8th spot for?
Aesthetics. No plans for another building but it leaves a spot for the possibility.

26.) Revenge button?
You only get a revenge button when there are successful loots on your Castle.

27.) When will beta end?
Closed beta ends tentatively at the end of the year.
Closed beta is over and there has been no talk about when open beta will be over.
Edit: the game has been released

28.) What do these item abilities do?
• Explosive Strike : High-damage AoE around the target
• Icy Blast : All creatures around the target suffer a penalty to attack and movement speed
• Blessed Armor : The hero’s physical and magical armor is increased for a short duration
• Frenzy : The hero’s attack speed is increased for a short duration
• Health orb bonus : every time a health orb is picked up, an additional amount of health is gained
• Control resistance : reduces the effectiveness of stuns, snares and knockbacks
• Armor per adjacent creature : the more creatures in melee range (up to 10), the higher the bonus to both physical and magical armor
• Rage : when hero is below 30% health, his DPS is increased

29.) How do I get the Mage?
Currently the Mage is only available via the Double O pack supporter's. The Mage will be free to play though and is expected to be released with open beta, that is tetantively scheduled for the end of the year.
The Runaway is now the early access pack. Everyone can play the Mage freely. :) Edit: All heroes are now available

30.) Bought Double O pack, where does the skin show up in game?
Automatically applied to your character
Double O Pack's are no longer for sale but the Diamond Packs are and it will be the same thing. The Runaway's red hair will just automatically be applied to your character when you buy the pack.

31.) Costume's limited availability? ??
no official answer for this post ?? https://www.themightyquest.com/en/forums/general-discussion/topics/halloweenhatavailability?page=1#post-73565

32.) What is the numbers in red by the Defense screen button?
It shows how many mines or tombstone's you have to loot in your Castle.

33.) The boosts for XP, Lifeforce, Gold and Magic Find say 1 hour duration. Is that 1 hour real time? Or 1 hour of time you are on and playing the game? Currently they work on real time. In one hour playing or not they will expire.

34.) Why do I see the same Castle's all the time when I play? ??
no official answer to this question ?? https://www.themightyquest.com/en/forums/general-discussion/topics/howmanycastlescanifight?page=1#post-69606

35.) How do I change the keybinds?

36.) Does the game support Mac?
Not at this time.

37.) Will there be more Hero's added past Runaway?
More Hero's will likely be added, yes.

38.) Will we ever get Co Op? Guilds/Raids?
Clans have been added and they said this system will be improved upon.