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07-09-2015, 07:08 PM
Hello Opulencians,

You will find below the list of all keyboard shortcuts for Mighty Quest. Please keep in mind that the shortcuts are subject to change in the future.
Note: You may modify your shortcuts with the MQELDiagnostics tool located in your Launcher folder (option is presented when launching the game on Steam) in the advanced section.

Options: Escape
Movements: Left Click or Left (hold)
Basic attack: Left Click
Ability 1: 1
Ability 2: 2
Ability 3: 3
Ability 4: Right Click
Potion use: Q
Hold Position: Shift (hold) or Spacebar (hold)
Move without attacking: Ctrl (hold) + click
Camera Rotation Left: A or W
Camera Rotation Right: D or E
Toggle Video Capture: F12
Emote 1: Alt + 1
Emote 2: Alt + 2
Emote 3: Alt + 3
Emote 4: Alt + 4
Cornelius Emporium: F1
Potion Brewery: F2
Blacksmith: F3
Crafting Lab: F4
Architect’s Office: F5
Select tool: 1 or Right Click
Move tool: 2
Rotation tool: 3
Inspect tool: 4
Store in inventory: 5 or Del
Connect Totems or Generator: Alt (hold)
Move aggro radius: Alt (hold)
Zoom-in: Mouse Wheel (up)
Zoom-out: Mouse Wheel (down)

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You can also change your keyboard shortcuts, it's not too complicated, but it will require some basic knowledge of knowing what certain code means. Here is a tutorial link on the wiki (http://themightyquest.wikia.com/wiki/How_to_change_keybindings).