View Full Version : AC4 tactics?

07-09-2015, 06:23 PM
I have played through AC4 on the PC with some annoying problems, and am looking for input from others on possible alternative tactics.
First, there seems to be a known but intermittent glitch that prevents completing a memory ar 100% -- the one requiring ramming and damaging an enemy ship with an "advanced ram." However, no matter if you have the max advanced ram, this memory will not credit you for ramming, even if you sink the enemy ship with ramming alone. This happens well into the game after having spent weeks getting there, and the only answer according to Ubisoft is to abandon and restart. Anyone else run into this?
Second, doing side missions and collectibles as you reach each island presents problems such as not yet having stealthy weapons like sleep darts. Has anyone tried charging through the main storyline without doing anything else until you have all the weapons and upgrades and THEN going back to do the side missions and collectibles? I mean BEFORE the credits, and not in replay mode. In other games of AC, some side missions were limited to a few sections only and disappeared when bypassed. Wondering if this is the case in AC4? I recall that I was never able to find the last assassin contract on the Kingston map.

07-15-2015, 02:25 PM
1. I didnt encounter this ramming glitch in PC version.
2. No AC game permanently blocks access to any of the side missions. Every side mission is playable in free roam at any time after you unlock it for the first time.