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07-09-2015, 02:54 PM

Calling Annoholics everywhere,

true fans such as yourselves already know it: Anno 2205 will be released November 3rd. Everyone here at Blue Byte is excited about this, because you can look forward to the biggest and most beautiful Anno game yet!

We are also looking forward to shape the future of the Anno series together with all of you. Over the years, the Anno community has proven their loyalty towards the game and our team. Your questions, feedback and constructive criticism have been an invaluable contribution to the development of the Anno franchise. It is this spirit of collaboration that we wish to further intensify and the upcoming release of Anno 2205 is a great occasion for this!

What does this mean? Starting now, we will show more presence within our community channels, provide more information to and initiate more direct interactions with you. Hereís one way we want to ensure all of this:

Regular Q&A Sessions With The Developers

You surely have lots of open questions since youíve first heard about Anno 2205. What are the differences to Anno 2070? Which aspects of gameplay have we decided to focus on? Will beloved feature X be back for the sixth Anno game?

For question like these, we will create an open thread which you can fill with all the things you would like to know more about. Weíll gather all your input, evaluate it and share it with the developers. Letís hear from you guys!

Of course, itís not only about listening: We will not only listen, we want to establish and maintain an active exchange of information between fans and developers. This is you will find answers to the most interesting community questions in a dedicated forum thread on a regular schedule. Itís all about transparency and we would like the forum to become your direct line to the Anno 2205 team.

Letís start right now and hear your feedback!