View Full Version : ACU COOP are a nightmare to get running correctly...?

07-09-2015, 10:12 AM
Hi Guys,

Why is it that every game that Ubisoft brings out, the COOPS levels are so buggy they are either unplayable... I.e. You cannot move, and/or some of the controls are not working and you cannot fight. Or there is a delay in the map loading... sometimes the map loads but nothing about the level or the task ahead. Also sometimes the level doesn't load at all and you are walking around with your thumb up your A** not knowing WTF to do. And Ubisoft still hasn't fixed it because they washed their hands with it and thought f*** it we cannot be bothered...

I have been on a few levels where I've either invited and/or have been invited and it looks as though I am do the birdy to the other players and saying that I cannot be bothered with this. When in fact, it is the complete opposite. Sometimes I cannot move, fight, or the level is corrupt. It makes me look a fool... This is why there will be no Multiplayer and/or COOPS in Syndicate.