View Full Version : Different factions on the same team?

07-09-2015, 01:34 AM
I want to be a knight, my wife wants to be a Viking, and my friend wants samurai. Can we all be on the same team or do we need to rotate factions as we play?

07-09-2015, 05:56 PM
I am not sure and I guess we would need a confirmation from the developers, but I am pretty sure that you can't due to the fact that the battles will be one faction against another so it would be weird to have them on the same team, but they could do a different mode with teams that would have different factions on them and each team would have a different color so the players would not get confused. I have to admit that I had not thought of it, but it seems a good idea and if enough people agree with it the devs would possibly work on it, but in the modes they presented so far, I doubt that there is an option for it.

I hope that I helped, but I obviously cannot be sure.

07-09-2015, 06:22 PM
From what we know, it is not possible in Dominion Mode, as the game is based on factions vs factions, but I would love nothing more than a game mode that allows for random heroes from each faction to fight alongside each other in MP.