View Full Version : Initiates problem

07-07-2015, 11:53 PM
I downloaded the compain app for AC Unity and it wants me to log in. Great no problem, wrong. The app does have a link to fb or xboxlive option so I plug in the email and pw for both (same email, same pw) and it says no uplay acct. So i take it i just downloaded an app I'll never use because i can link it to my xboxlive acct fo my current game. Uplay app works on my system and my phone but the companion app does not. This needs to be fixed. I tried doin Initiates thru the game and i keep getting the same 3 error codes, which is bs considering i have done a full home network reboot including the xbox one at the same time (I work in I.T) and it is not clearing up. Fix the bugs asap