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07-07-2015, 09:12 AM
The hero that you choose to play as greatly affects game play, and it is something that is an area of concern for me with MMH7 as there are a lot of heroes revealed so far with the very bland and generic increase creature growth in area of control specialties. Creature growth increase heroes are destined to be “support” or errand boys every time, and offer nothing more to game play than that. Everything that you could ever want out of that hero you get as long as they are in the game, even if the only thing you use them for is shuttling your troops from your town to your main hero. With this in mind, I wanted to take this opportunity to plead my case to Limbic to really put some thought into how the specialties work for MMH7.

In my opinion, there should be three different types of hero specialties. Immediate bonus specialties that help with rushing in the early game, long game specialties that get stronger as your hero does, and support heroes like the generic creature growth specialists, although these aren’t a necessity.

Immediate Bonus Specialty:

The idea is that your hero gains an immediate bonus that is strong for the first few weeks of the game, but ultimately becomes weaker when compared to your percentage based alternatives.
This allows for aggressive early game play, and is especially good for smaller maps.

An example of this would be a magic hero starting with extra mana. This obviously allows them to cast spells more often, and this could be the difference in key battles during early game.
This is pretty straight forward and I have no suggestions other than there should be a couple of these types of guys per faction to allow for that play style.

Support Specialty:

These are your errand boy heroes, the secondary, tertiary heroes that you only ever buy because they give you a passive bonus without the need for them to do anything specific, and because they can run troops from your town to your main hero. No one ever makes them their main guy, and if they do it’s a waste of time.
An example of this is as mentioned previously, x% increase in specific creature production per week in area of control. Once that hero is in the game, you’ve just got to keep it alive to gain its benefits.
There should be a minimal amount of these heroes in the game, and to be honest, if they weren’t to exist at all the game wouldn’t be worse for it because if every faction has them, they’re all getting the same benefits, so what’s the point?

Long Game:

This is where it gets fun, and there can be a lot of creativity with how a hero develops throughout the game, but this needs more development from what I’ve seen thus far.
I have a bunch of ideas how these specialties could be improved, some of them original, some borrowed from previous games.

- Percentage Based Specialties

These are pretty straight forward, but still have some wiggle room for different interpretations. They work because no matter what level the hero gets to, or the number of troops under their control, a percentage will maintain its effectiveness throughout the game.

E.g. 1 – Magic – Light Spells are X% more effective for this hero

- Might – Sentinels retaliate with X% more damage

E.g. 2 – Magic – Hero starts the game with fireball and casts it with X% more effectiveness.

- Might – Hero starts with battle frenzy ability and it is X% more effective

E.g 3 – Magic – Hero gains extra X% mana, per hero level

- Might – Basilisk Riders gain X% to damage, per hero level

- Creature Based Specialties

These guys at the moment seem to be getting the X% creature population increase per week which is such a waste. There are some really awesome things that you could do here, there’s the percentage based stuff like I mentioned above, but here’s another suggestion.

For every 5 levels of the hero, a new bonus is unlocked for the creature that is their specialty. This makes it really interesting as getting to each new tier becomes a specific goal for developing that hero.

E.g. 1 – Golems
Hero level 5: Golems in the heroes army have X% bonus to might defense
Hero level 10: X% increase to health
Hero level 15: Golems have an extra retaliation

E.g. 2 – Harpies
Hero level 5: Harpies in the heroes army have X% bonus to initiative
Hero level 10: X% bonus to attack
Hero level 15: Harpies gain an extra 2 movement points during battle

Or, if you wanted to go down the increase in that particular creature type population, you could have a certain number of that creature type join the heroes army per week depending on the hero level. Even if it’s just one core creature per level, it’s still a nice little bonus to get extra troops regardless of where your hero is on the world map.

These are the kinds of things that would make me want to play all of the different heroes, and play them lots of different times seeing how the different skills work with their specialty. The biggest thing is it would be fun! Please remove the terribly boring X% increase to creature population in the area of control type heroes, and replace them with something similar to what I’ve suggested. I promise you it will increase replayability and enjoyment of the game.

I'm interested to hear what everyone else thinks, and I really hope that someone at Limbic sees the potential in these ideas.

07-07-2015, 10:36 AM
Hi NACH00OO, thank you for this feedback, I have passed it along.

07-07-2015, 10:51 AM
Hi NACH00OO, thank you for this feedback, I have passed it along.

That's awesome Ubi-MoshiMoshi. Thankyou

07-07-2015, 04:49 PM
That's awesome Ubi-MoshiMoshi. Thankyou

Actually, heroes specializations are (as well as lack of heroes abilities) one of the most discussed and crticised aspects of H7. Fans are applying for a change for a long time so thank you for your support, I am glad to see ever time I see a new fan, how agrees. Great and very detailed description of this problem, though.

If you have not not done it yet, I stongly recommend you to join us in shadow council website :cool:

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Really hope it gets changed to this!

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You can join the small survey about your satissfaction with heroes specializations: