View Full Version : PC Black screen issue still!

07-01-2015, 01:04 PM
Hey guys, since I cant find any sure way to fix the black screen issue might aswell try my luck here.

Anybody knows the surefix for the problem? Please share it with me, I got the game to work the first time I launched it. Then it crashed, voila, black screen everytime I reach the Press any keys phase.

Hoping for a reply, Thanks!

07-09-2015, 06:39 PM
i have exactly the same problem.

game was working just fine for the past 3 weeks but since yesterday i can only get to 'press any key' screen then nothing.
just black screen and some music, i cant even close that using task manager. i have to restart or log out user, otherwise its impossible to do anything.

im running it on my new msi gt72 laptop and i didnt install anything new, was working with msi AB before so why it does not work now ???

07-23-2015, 05:21 PM
Did you guys get it figured out? If not, check out the support links in my signature and let me know if the customer support team was able to help you.