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06-30-2015, 06:09 AM
I have an idea for one special ability which can be called for Knights : Blessing , Vikings : Fury /Rage and Samurai : Harakiri (just kidding) for samurai it would be : Call of Honor

This ability can increase some of basic atributs like speed , strenght or dexterity or it can also add somethig diferent for every class or order like imunity agains guardbreak , one non-parry able attack , bleeding or after hit enemy can temporary decrease some stats like move speed.

Input animation would be that knight, viking even samurai take off their (helmet or you can leave helmets as they are) but :
1) Viking would throw his helmet away in wave of anger and have some short shout or speach like "They are nothing ,but worms! They are already dead!" and swinging around with his weapon.
2) Knight would kneel put sword on the ground take of helmet put it next to him pick up sword and hold it in front of him vertically standing on ground(still kneeling) and tell few words like : "In a name of god i shall defeat my enemies." and stand up without helmet ready to fight.
3) Samurai would take it off and drop to ground. After that do some cool stuff with katana and throw some words like "For honor, for my master."

After activation this buff/effect definetly should have duration or you can limit it just for one player kill. When effect ll be gone helmet ofcourse wont returne to head. It ll return just after death.

This would require remake models (we have real heroes of their time so face should not be problem, but if there ll be more type of helmets, thats gona be lry timeconsuming , new animations for face, speaches, hairs, etc..... I know its god damn a lot for one ability but imagine that when you see someone without helmet. You will think immediately : "This guy is gona be though." "Challange accepted" xD

Its up on you :)

2nd idea-----------
Ability : Reinforcements

Another ability would be summon computer controlled friend which is able to play kind of player "BOTT" (can enter duel combat, parry, dodge, etc...) This summon can recieve command follow or defend point. Can be also limited for one kill or time duration.
For every team only one summon can be activated in time. It would be cool if they has name of heros friend or general ..... That is such thing.

After activation, BOTT would come and say hi in way, their culture demands it (income animation is welcome)

Ye again animation requered I just want it to feel EPIC because i hope this is going to be best medival game for long time.

Have some idea too ? ------------------> post below