View Full Version : AirMech Arena Title Update for Xbox One and PlayStation 4

06-29-2015, 08:06 PM
Welcome AirMech Arena players! There is now an update to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles. We made a few adjustments to the game to help make your experience the best one possible.

Here is a list of the things that are included:

Game Updates

- You now have in-game mail! Items will now appear there when you successfully sell or buy items in the market and you’ll be able to send items directly to other players.
- For Uplay rewards, you’ll need to redeem them in the Quests menu before they’ll appear in your inventory. To be able to access the Uplay Rewards, you will need to have your Uplay account linked to your in-game name.

Bug Fixes

- Users playing online on Xbox One will now see improved game performance.
- Some in-game Quests were not appearing as redeemable after completing requirements. This has been corrected and completed quests should now be redeemable.
- Ultimate 1v1 sessions were sometimes appearing as 3v3 in the match list in watch mode. This has been corrected.
- Corrected an issue where notifications couldn’t be interacted with in the post-game lobby.
- Fixed an issue where Units would sometimes not respond to pathing if a player was above an Outpost or Fortress.
- Users were receiving the option to spectate games that did not exist after confirming “Game not found” messaging. Users will no longer receive the option to spectate these matches.
- After selling an item on the marketplace, the item will also be removed from your loadout.
- Quest notifications will now appear in your post game lobby if you quit quickly from the results screen.
- Players used to appear as flickering when you stay above a fortress for 2-3 minutes; this has been corrected and shouldn’t happen anymore.

New Units

- Ultimate Gatty
- Ultimate HAAT
- Ultimate APC
- Tesla Turret

New Cosmetics

- Smoke Contrails (Black, Red, Green, Blue, Orange)
- Blue Tracers
- Blue Contrails
- Orange Contrails

General Balance Changes

- Stat changes for Structural, Engine, and Weapon AirMech parts
- Updated targeting logic of melee units
- Stat updates to damage modifying parts
- The Bomber Bombs ability now uses the Special Weapon Type
- Angel level up carry bonus reduced
- Warthog spin-down rate increased from 650 to 800
- Warthog Spin Up ability move speed bonus decreased from 4% to 2%
- 1v1 income decreased by 15%; energy increased by 20%
- 3v3 income increased by 15%; energy decreased by 30%

Unit Balance Changes

- Roller weapon rating decreased from 20 to 10; DPS reduced from 200 to 120; build cost increased from 9800 to 10500
- Tango build cost increased from 1400 to 1700
- Bucky accuracy increased
- Buster attack range decreased from 19 to 18
- Armadillo weapon rating decreased from 70 to 60
- Morty build cost increased from 750 to 950
- T99 upkeep increased from 2 to 3; range decreased from 20 to 19
- Removed the repair rate penalty from Turtle
- Flakker build cost increased from 2900 to 3500
- Heavy Flakker carry weight penalty increased from 5% to 6%; shot damage modifier decreased from 4% to -4%; build time and range modifiers removed

Pilot Balance Changes

- Lexi attack power decreased from +15% to +12%; damage resistance increased from -15% to -12%.
- Mako flight energy efficiency decreased from +33% to +25%; damage resistance decreased from +15% to +12%; air speed increased from -10% to -8%.
- Frank's air speed penalty decreased from -6% to -4%


We are still working with Carbon on the item transfer ability for the users who made the switch from the Xbox 360 to the Xbox One and will have more information on that in the future.

Stay tuned to AirMech Arena on social media for future updates!