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06-28-2015, 01:13 PM
Hi everyone,

A few months ago I finished the main game, with no problems. Because I got bored after a while, I decided to buy the Yeti DLC. when played it for the first time, I noticed there weren't any voices in the cutscenes. I closed the game and used the 'check gamefiles' option in Uplay. It started looking through the sound files from the DLC, so I thought it was solving my issue. But when I loaded up my game it still didn't have any voices. I've Googled a bit and noticed a few PS4 players talking about it, but there wasn't any relevant information for the PC version. I waited for a few months hoping there would be a patch that would fix this, but it didn't. I was wondering if there are people with the same or similar problem as I have, and if they know a fix for this.

Thanks in advance for people responding on this thread.

Pc info:

i7 3770
GTX 680 4gb VRAM
16gb DDR3 RAM

06-29-2015, 05:02 PM
Please try checking the default audio settings in-game as well as the desktop audio settings. If you have changed or update devices, the settings may need to be re-configured. Be sure that the settings match with your headset or speakers. You may want to verify files before launching the game to see if it helps. If you have not done so already, I would also reach out to your local Support (https://support.ubi.com)team with your msinfo and dxdiag.

07-01-2015, 06:27 PM
I haven't changed any audio settings since installing Far cry 4 itself. Far cry 4 works without any audio problems. I didn't get any driver updates and my settings are normal.

07-01-2015, 10:41 PM
Hey, sorry to hear you're still encountering this issue. Please make sure you tried to the steps in this FAQ (https://support.ubi.com/en-US/FAQ/60/3888/how-do-i-install--uninstall--verify-a-game-in-uplay/kA030000000ee85CAA) and submit a ticket using the link in my signature if you need further help. Thanks for your patience!

07-02-2015, 01:09 AM
I guess I'll submit a ticket. I already tried the above like a month ago. Was hoping it would get fixed in a patch but it didn't.

07-03-2015, 02:48 AM
call ubisoft support on the phone .. do not be vague about your sound hardware ..or the driver version your using

contact numbers are listed here


i am sure they can help you out .. plus verify your game files ...

07-03-2015, 02:52 AM
if ya have the u play only version verify your files this way

if you have the game via u play only here are instructions how to verify your game files thru their client


if on steam ...

To verify your files if you bought the game thru Steam

go to your Steam games library

right clik on far cry 4

select properties

select local files

select verify Integrity of game cache

07-04-2015, 03:13 PM
I already followed the steps above, it verifies my game files and replaces them, but it doesn't fix the problem. I'll submit a ticket.