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06-27-2015, 08:34 PM
Hello dear Ubisoft,

I hope you actually read your own forums to get feedback or an idea what is going on among AC community. Well I never ever posted anything because I never actually needed to or felt like I have to say something since I was really enjoying the game so far. But I can not say the same anymore. I have some questions I would like to know what happened to actual story and the core of all AC games till lets say Black Flag. Even Black Flag was different but that's another story. Your games lack so much compared to previous one that it just makes you wonder what went so horribly wrong that it just isn't interesting anymore. To make it easier I will continue like this.

-New AC games are not connected to the old ones. It completely turned away from the main storyline they appear like completely different games not belonging to AC franchise. Take AC, AC II, AC B, AC R, AC III. They were connected with each other. We can not say the same about your new games.
-Unity and Syndicate do not have an actual character, they lack the connection to modern era storyline which you started.

Lets sum up a few things what I think went wrong and I guess many will agree as well as some will disagree with but lets get to it.

- You killed Desmond and did not make another main ''present life'' protagonist.
- You placed us into some Abstergo Entertainment building as a ''incognito character'' working for Templars reliving Assassins Memories (Its just me or there is something wrong with this concept, like the whole employee working for Templars gathering Assassins memories and creating the game for masses ?? Like WTF ?)
- Since AC III you did not give us single continuing character. You always made a new one therefore killing any possible way to actually get to know the characters we play with. (Something like Ezio) So naturally with this you literally killed so much potential of Conor or even Edward. Yes I like Edward as well, Its not an usual AC game but its still fine compared to meh. Not gonna even name it.
-You literally got rid of the core of AC series with decision not to continue with the whole First generation dialogues/monologues, searching for pieces of Eden, discovering the First Civilisations secret vaults, not including the well known fight in present life with Prof. Vidic, not expanding such a HUGE AND AWESOME STORY YOU STARTED WITH. I was so ****in** excited about the whole Adam and Eve, The Apple, First Civilisation and other stuff included in first games.
-I believe developers for AC nowadays are different than the old AC series
-You are greedy and its make one of your biggest success bleeding. Maybe STOP releasing new AC every single year since its obvious you have not idea how to continue since AC III was made and try to gather your people and sit for a moment, take your time even a whole year do not release nothing but think start working on bringing the new AC back., use old ideas , improve them, expand them, do whatever it takes to bring your biggest mark back to the ring. I think there are many of old veterans who would rather wait a year and a half for another AC just to be able to play with joy again. And to see the actual spell and originality AC once has and why we started and trusted in AC for so many years now. Its 7 years now from the first AC Ubisoft ! Do not forget about your veteran player base who made the series so successful and stop releasing bul**hit games sufficient only for newcomers who will throw their money anyway because Whohoa what a super game without knowing how badass AC once actually was.

For me the last game I will ever play from AC series is Unity. No Syndicate. I will be watching your progress and come back when I see it came back to its glory if not than bad for me of course you will get your money anyway because people are more dumb than ever but that's the worldwide problem not yours ofc.

-You should really stop wasting such a great settings such as Paris, London for such a crap games. Save this settings for your comeback :D I hope it will happened otherwise I will be very disappointed about what you have done to your greatest franchise ever.

And at the end. I know this will create a massive feedback good and bad . Only thing I want to ask you people stay civilized and try to create conversation rather than another thread full of hate. Oh yes and one more thing .. I will create a poll just to see how much people feel about franchise future the same. Thanks I wish you lovely day :)