View Full Version : UBISOFT: please give us camera options.

06-27-2015, 01:29 PM
Being an assassin, the most important thing utilized are not weapons. It's vision. Being able to see your surroundings at all times and surveying the area as you walk around. In AC1, AC2, ACB and ACRe, the camera was perfect. At a distance where you can see your character and the surroundings. The camera is just too close to our character now. And even I'm playing in a 55" TV.

Now for the people who like the camera as is, that's fine for them, but what about the players that want more of their surroundings to be visible? Is it possible to add another camera option or two? Just like in grand theft auto 5, there are 3 camera options for your character. This is what I'm talking about. Give users options when playing and not only will it be an easy thing to implement (I know cuz I've done game development), but it will make for better sales because you'll make more players happy. Options are always better.

So if you can, please please please, make a more zoomed out camera for ACS.

Thank you.