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06-25-2015, 02:05 PM
This week we’ve got our standard 5 track Uplay Recommended drop. I know, “We want more tracks!”, so do I, but we’ve got to give LzZzR a little time to breathe, right? (I really don’t think so, but Shogun insists). Anyhow, 5 awesome Community Created tracks are busting out into the world of Track Central.


Is there something for you? Well, we really hope so. Today’s mix is from Medium to Extreme, so it may be for the more seasoned Trials riders, but there should be something for players of all skill levels.

You’ve already read 50 of these introductions so far, so let’s wrap this one up and jump into the tracks.


A . I Machine Mainframe by funktastic-
Another one on the “Oh man, getting this track done smoothly is going to end with me throwing my controller through the wall” list; Machine Mainframe demands practice as throttle and speed control are key to not over or under jumping the technical gaps. It’s a perfection demanding track that fits perfectly in the Hard difficulty range. Be prepared to drop some time trying for platinum, riders.



Cactus Canyon by Duke_of_Dirty
Welcome to the Wild West. Be prepared for pit falls, explosions, decrepit wooden buildings and possibly some gunfire. Cactus Canyon is a fast flowing track, but beware; the rope bridges might just trip you up. Easy enough for new players, and featuring some pretty slick timesavers, Duke’s track has enough challenge for any player.



Winter Miner by ConfusedMuscles
Now we’re talking about the toughest of the bunch today. Let me reiterate what I just said; this track is DIFFICULT. Think “Devil’s Beak” on some of these obstacles. Time restraints left me unable to play enough to check out any kind of flowing speed run line, mainly because my 30 minutes weren’t enough to get better than 20+ faults, but everything else in this track is top notch. Animations, weather setup, ConfusedMuscles even used lava stalactites (stalagmites?) as icicles. It just works.



“bapteme du feu” by IZEZ PRiNCESS
The latest IZEZ track is hot, and I don’t just mean because it’s the opposite of CM’s track in that it’s set in a molten volcano core that actually feels like the heat might be damaging your eyes, or that this is a super-fast and flowing track to run, so break out the Roach. It’s also an insanely fun track to run. Don’t get me wrong, you’ll mess up, catch a tire on a rock, flip onto your head and silently (maybe not so silently) curse IZEZ, but then you’ll restart the track and play again… and again.



Atomic Massacre by Nova Dark Storm
Nova has a knack for making challenging tracks. I didn’t mean for that to rhyme, but it did. The difficulty in Atomic Massacre seems perfectly dialed in. Sure some of the obstables are hard, but they aren’t TOO hard. It’s relatively easy to pass, but difficult to get a perfect run. I fumbled my way into a platinum, but it’s sloppy and I want to quit writing and go back and improve my run, and that, friends, is the definition of an awesome Trials track. Throw in some track challenges and a superb attention to detail and this is a track not to be missed.


And there it is riders. This Uplay Recommended has something for everyone. What are you waiting for? These tracks demand some driving time. Don’t forget to check back next week, because you never know what creations will be making the jump into Uplay Recommended.

06-25-2015, 02:35 PM
Thank you guys , i know i can come across as a tool sometime but its only because i have a heap of passion for building in this game. Again thanks for picking one of mine guys its always great feeling to see your tracks in here.

Not played the other tracks yet but they look good and challenging.

again its appreciated to be acknowledged within the game. thanx guys:)

Ozy Be
06-25-2015, 02:57 PM
Fine looking selection, cheers RL

Don't forget the expertly incorporated challenges in Atomic Massacre, or in all Nova's tracks for that matter,
I recently got a glimpse into the work required to set up the challenges in this way and was blown away by Nova's genius,
If you like challenges in tracks and haven't played it you are all in for a treat! great pick:)

Nice 1 Funk, Looks/sounds pretty sweet, Can't wait to have a bash at it mate:cool:


06-25-2015, 03:35 PM
Eh Funk, your deco is alright however your driving line is awful imo (the objects you use too) and the positioning of your cps are bad too.
Do you get people to test the tracks first?

06-25-2015, 04:23 PM
The objects used i guess is prefference , as i think alot where against that dlc anyway , which is cool , but should that mean that they are not used ? i dont think so. Think we should try make the best of every dlc content , incorporating every theme imaginable. I guess that is why there is a wide a variation within my tracks in the bank , thus creating not just a same building catalouge of the same tracks. The dl for me is fine although i can see where things could have been better adapted , and i guess this shows that at that present time i didnt have anyone to test my tracks , so having only having my side to view it and a prolonged testing of it seemed to ride well and give challenge to others. No the dl is not the same as other tracks , this is intended and not meant to be a one shot pony. If you are to a point of actually hating the dl then i say its done its job. Whats the point of having a tracks that either just ok or alittle bad. . Creating the same track as the next is easily done , trying to achieve something different isnt i find which is always a gamble. The dl i agree didn't end up as my fav and could have done with improvements. In more recent tracks i have stuck to the same old building plans as almost every builder which i agree are great lines but are nothing different than whats been before and will come again. Any half decent builder can create a decent smooth driveline with a decent fun dl , trying to create something different than that is somewhat hard. If you intend to burn out the gas and still get a decent flow then thats not the way it ws created.:)

Thank you for your feeback i just wanted to explain what i had in mind when creating this track so hope this reply is taken in the way its meant which is apprciated and cool, this is one of the reason i am so passionate about the rec as well , the more people get to play the better feedback and learning curves are taken. I would actually say , that changing styles and trying something new in all tracks is a positive thing for a builder. No point in trying to create something the same as before but with different decor and different line but the end result the same in which many builders do and is something i have slowly crept into my self at the mo.:)

Cheers for the feedback , to be honest dude i am usure whether you are being serious or just trolling , either way is cool , im sure you can see why i would think that dude. Hope your not and the feedback is meant which can only help me become even more of an awsome builder than i already am hahahaha:p

oh i also agree a few check points could have been better placed , mainly one that appears on the slant. Althought i still think that it provided a good quality run if your good enough to find it hahahaha
still unsure what imo means ? lol

06-25-2015, 04:42 PM
Excellent tracks. The guy who holds the top spot for Winter Miner is one fine rider. Damn fine.

still unsure what imo means ?

imo is En0's third cousin.
imo is an emo. (not to be confused with a goth, wich is a whole different style of being)
imo is also related to Elmo from Sesame Street but unlike Elmo, imo is in fact not a puppet.

06-25-2015, 05:12 PM
Congratulations funk for your pick I'm glad they finally picked one of your tracks:)

Unfortunately 360 didn't a single track this week so I can't play any of them :(

@Rob who's this fine rider u speak of lol

Confused muscles tracks looks really cool he's definitely one of my favorite builders.

06-25-2015, 05:14 PM
imo is En0's third cousin.
imo is an emo. (not to be confused with a goth, wich is a whole different style of being)
imo is also related to Elmo from Sesame Street but unlike Elmo, imo is in fact not a puppet.


06-25-2015, 05:21 PM
dam this is a very strange place:p

Cheers aMcCongie

Ozy Be
06-25-2015, 07:02 PM
:nonchalance:I tried... I honestly tried my hardest to keep my mouth shut, but I can't, and that's my problem,
I apologize to anyone that's sick of the bile that occasionally rears it's ugly head in these forums and for the junk that's about to spill out of me!

Funk... Why do you feel the need to justify your decisions of creativity regarding your track builds?
I have come to think that the main reason you sometimes have issue here is you take this stuff way to much to heart,(understandably)
Fair play to you for your very adult and sensible response to Zurgery's post!
Having played your track an hour ago I can say... although I'm not a fan of the hit a wall and fall back obstacle which is well overused in the track above,
It did give me a sense of "I must concentrate in order to get a good run here"
which did give me an enjoyable half hour of trialing and I'm sure will give me more enjoyment when I have another go at it.
That is the only feedback I feel the need to share with you and it is purely personal preference and not offered in any way to change how you do what you do, simply a preference of mine.

Now for the bile:(
Pay no attention to that muppet Zurgery,
This is the same guy who thought it boss to say to you a while back "You will never have a Uplay recommended"
RL thought enough of that track to put it into a feed that reflects their opinion of what's a good trials track!
That's all you need to be concerned about, and be happy about that man!
Zurgery's only intention in posting what he did is a pathetic attempt to get under you skin!
Checkpoints? what good trials rider is concerned about cp placement really?
Albeit a consideration that must be had in terms of beginner riders, it is not an issue for a grinder that does not hit the reset to last cp button, only considering the restart button.
Objects? Using objects that the editor provides is not a crime but actually a necessity as... That's whats provided!
I actually noticed a good use of objects to do things outside of their normal presence in creation.
So yea, nice track Funk.

I often wonder what happened to these forums and I have come to the conclusion that it's not the forum, It's not Fusion but it comes down to the apemen who feel the need to belittle others in an absolute pathetic attempt to make themselves feel good!
Very sad, and very damaging to these forums, as a new visitor does not want to see this!

I understand I will probably receive an infraction for pointing to Zurgery in this way and actually adding to what I just said makes the forums a negative environment,
So against my better judgement I'm going to make it worth my while and simply say... Zurgery, you're an out n out ***!
You have ruined another thread that was put up to give trials players a notice of of what's in the feed and share some decent tracks!
As have I and I apologize for it but god damn... I give up!


Ps; Zurgery if you have feedback to give Funk, or anyone else, He has a track thread for that. (and yes, I know I did it myself, but was apt in the circumstance)
This thread is offered up for notice of recommended tracks!
No need to reply to me here, this is just another spoiled thread I wont come back to!

And I personally apologize for also ruining the thread... sorry lads!:(

Rudemod 69
06-25-2015, 07:28 PM
Who needs checkpoints? Actually I do if it's a tough Extreme which I want to take a good look at. Otherwise the reset button comes into play...

A wise man (Well it was Booped actually) recently said to me that tough plats are the new black. Looking at you, Funk. ;)

A nice selection of tracks.

06-25-2015, 09:07 PM

I didnt actually mind explaining a few things , although your right i wasn't sure if it was a troll event or genuine feedback. I didn't really take it as anything personel and i guess my reply and explination was partly to do with the amount of posts i have my self added to these threads so i felt obliged really to explain my build and give credit to how i operate within these threads and also my builds , only seemed the right thing to do. It would seem alittle odd if i never replied or just stayed silent. Thank you for your comments ozy , it is appreciated with the nice comments you said and a sound understanding of what i do as a builder in this game. I guess i was expecting some trolling or some come back from a track of mine being recommended so it was expected. I can see some not liking the said track but some will. Your a good lad to have spoken up , not many people speak thier minds within here and for others , well it more or less doesn't happen so its much appreciated ozy.

I dont see that you have ruined this thread bud , i am sure zurgery can understand that he or she can get under people skin at times and is a massive fan of winding people up so i am sure he wont take it to heart that you gave the dude what for. Also cant see you braking any rules dude within your post.


Lol rude , think some of my recent tracks are also very challenging , doesnt farewell for likes in tc but they are better tracks i think when the line is found. The easy speedruns are cool but you can only feel an achievment if you get a fantastic time. The tech lines give a feeling of an achievement even if you manage to just finish the track within a few faults.

again thanks , i appreciate the comments and honesty.;)

as it goes i see building more to building a fantastic dl , many attributes are involved in what makes a quality track , animations , decor , theme and use of objects that the game provides to open our imagination up. almost any half decent builder can make smooth run dl buy just using the ruines. Mess with the enviroment properties and bang a half decent track. Creating a world that is in its own a place to be is what i love the most about building. Someone with 2 years riding experience can achieve with ease a decent dl , not all can " create " or be creative never mind how long they play the game.

Just an added note:p

06-25-2015, 11:36 PM
Cool, I'm looking forward to giving these tracks a run tonight. Congrats funktastic, I'm on xbox1 so I think this is the 2nd track of yours I'll get a chance to play. I always love ConfusedMuscles tracks (except the ninja ones that I can't finish). And I wish aMcConghie16 could get over to xbox1 because his tracks on the 360 are fun and challenging and keep getting better.

06-26-2015, 09:18 AM
thank you stooksman , think i got a couple trials tracks over there and yeah muscles creates some blinders of quality tracks. Would also love to see aMcCongie16 upgrade also. Seems to like trials alot and does create some good tracks that i have seen via you tube. :)

06-26-2015, 05:12 PM
Cool, I'm looking forward to giving these tracks a run tonight. Congrats funktastic, I'm on xbox1 so I think this is the 2nd track of yours I'll get a chance to play. I always love ConfusedMuscles tracks (except the ninja ones that I can't finish). And I wish aMcConghie16 could get over to xbox1 because his tracks on the 360 are fun and challenging and keep getting better.

Thanks man I've just about got the money to buy one il be there soon don't worry. I would feel bad leaving 360 I have a ton of friends on there and loyal riders who have supported me threw my building

06-26-2015, 08:47 PM
Thanks for the pick. Funk, your track is very nice and was a joy to play. Your lines are very distinct and you have your own style which is good. They are a mix of tech and speed and once figured out are fun to play.Well deserved pick. Great animations and background with a unique driveline. :cool:

06-26-2015, 10:27 PM
Thank you very much confused muscles very kind and nice of you to say , pleased you enjoyed it. Very appreciated coming from a talented builder as your self bud.

Just would like to add that i have had great all round feedback from you guys and i genuinely appreciate it. Been some kind comments and just decent posts which in all honesty i didnt expect which would have been understood. A sincere thanx , high five , shout out to you guys for being decent folk.:)