View Full Version : Ubisoft setting on their ***

06-24-2015, 11:33 PM
Id like to know why there has not been any updates for ACU in over 4 months WTF. The game is still a useless pile of crap. The game itself is not bad but all the problems is ridiculous. The game is the worst for pop ins Ive ever seen and horrible performance. I'm running it on a i7-4790k 16gb G.Skill ram and a GTX 970 I get good fps but the pop ins and hair and clothes jumping and sometimes stutters and its not the GTX 970 cuz I play games that are 10 times more demanding without any issues.Why no patches in 4 months that's just plain LAZY. Shows just how little Ubisoft cares for its gamers. COME ON TIME FOR A PC PATCH LETS GO . it may not be a new game still but I still paid $60 for it and i want it right. Patch 1.5 has been here since FEB WTF? Do you think Ubisoft should still be working on this game yes or no?