View Full Version : Armor types for classes and factions.

06-21-2015, 05:30 AM
So I remember mention in the game play trailer that the samurai assassin (Oni I believe) had less defense but higher attack damage. I was wondering if the armor/defense differences were only comparable by classes in a faction or between factions as well? For example, the Oni being a light unit compared to an assault class of samurai but still being comparable to a viking or knight light unit or the Oni even having less defense compared to a knight light unit since it seems they have the more solid armor. I can understand if because of game play/mechanics if the armor types were generalized across all 3 groups but it would seem kind of odd too if a knight in full plate and such was as easy to kill as a samurai or viking in the same class/role. Would like to know their thoughts on it and all of you too. =)