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06-20-2015, 10:46 PM

Platforms: MS Windows (PC), PS4,Xbox One

Genre: Tactical Shooter

Modes: Single Player, 4-Player Co-Op (PVE)

Game Structure: Massive Open World


Set 4 years in the future, the game drops 4elite Ghost Recon operators into Bolivia. The Ghost Recon covert-operations are to disrupt Mexican drug cartel Santa Blanca and a corrupt government by any means possible.


Massive Open World;

4-playerdrop-ion/drop-out co-op OR play solo, issuing orders to the 3 other A.I. GhostRecon Operators;

Multiple ways to completemissions and objectives: stealth, ambush, melee combat, or using thelong-ranged or short-ranged gadgets provided;

4-player teamcan split up to accomplish side missions to help the main mission (i.e.: MainMission: Fetch a snitch, Side Mission: Steal helicopter to rescue the snitch);

Between missions: Freeto explore the game's world, and will feature outposts that can be taken down.Also players can interact, and build a friendly or hostile relationship withother NPCs (i.e.: Citizens, officials, rebels);

Interactions will have consequencesand impacts to the game's world, and change how players achieve their objectives;

Grab one of theirenemies with one hand for defense, while using another hand to shoot;

Progression system with exp awarded (i.e.: Finding new locations) to level up;

The playable character canbe customized and weapons/gear can be upgraded;

Synchronize stealth kills;

Dynamic day-night cycleand weather system;

Weaponry featured in thegame will be typical and more realistic and will share likeness and similarityto the weapons most militaries around the world are using nowadays unlike GRFS. However, drones will be used to tag andhighlight enemies and objectives, or as a weapon to attack enemies;

A variety of vehicles: dirtbikes and dune buggies;

AI (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Artificial_intelligence) will be unscripted and will have their "own motivations and agendas;

more to come soon...


Currently nothing has been confirmed and/or discussed by Ubisoft and the information present here is based on many resources online (i.e.: Articles,Videos) posted by gaming/fan web sites. So if you see something that is inaccurate, missing and/or needs to be added please sent me pm and I will update the information when I get the chance. This is being done out of love to help the Ghost Recon community as a whole…so if like to help me with this please forward any information you have and I will update as needed. Thanks TRISTAM14

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