View Full Version : It's a open world game, please make gear available earlier

06-20-2015, 07:43 PM

let me just start by saying I really love the Assassin's Creed games and have played every single one of them and pretty much enjoyed them all, but there is one thing that kind of pisses me off every single time and that is the fact that I can't get the gear I want when I want.
In almost every single game I have to wait until one of the very last sequences before I can access the areas where I can find the high level gear.
Only exception is in Unity, I really loved that I could go almost straight away into the DLC (Dead Kings?) and get the best sword in the game because I choose to do it. I did not however like the random online thing where I had to wait for days and my reward seemed random every time for the legendary gear.. but I still liked that a lot better than having to play to the very last sequence to even access it... and I really loved that the outfits really meant something this time, they gave you better stats and special abilities..

But.. right now I'm playing Rogue and this time it feels horrible again, I can not get the Altair sword since the last Naval Missions are not available until very late game and I can not get the pistols I want since I can not collect all the Abstergo tablets until you've actually beaten the whole game... and that really pisses me off :mad::mad: at least they let you have most of the outfits pretty early on..

Really looking forward to Syndicate and I hope this will be more like Unity, but I'd rather you make it a real challenge (a super high level fort or gang or something) to get the high level gear, but let me do it whenever I want and not having to finish the entire questline before I can even get the gear..

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