View Full Version : I'm against the grappling hook

06-20-2015, 06:31 PM
Yes… the new grappling hook is really cool, but WHERE IS REALITY? How does it works?
• It shoots very high, but we know nothing about energy that it is performed.
• It pushes Jacob up, but we also know nothing about energy it is being performed.
• It simply fades away after crossing between buildings. It would be rational to think, that it wastes. But I cannot see any icons showing aviable amount of grappling hooks.

I want to know the official explanation from Ubisoft and also your ideas about it.

And just one more thing — I'm Russian and we discussed it on our forum (http://assassinscreed.su/forum/55-4937-3), but could explain nothing.

Gratz for given attention

06-25-2015, 11:45 PM
Me too, i'm against the grappling hook. For me one of the main reasons for playing Assassins's creed is the parkour...climbing buildings, going from roof to roof... this was the case for the first assassins creed games and Assassins Creed Unity where it finally returned and it was a blast to play with. The movements also got a lot better, more fluid and fun.

Now in Assassins creed Syndicate it seems there will not be any parkour (the buildings are too far away) and you have this grappling hook, and you don't climb, you just go up, like batman (with an infinite rope) and where's the parkour ?? where is the stealth? where is the blending in crowds?? you just go up with a grappling hook, and when you are in land you hijack horses carriages like it was GTA and if you play with jacob you go punching everyone in the face with you knuckles fists like it was gangs of new york with a bad version of leonardo di caprio??? it really has nothing to do with assassins creed spirit i think.