View Full Version : Interactive/Playable Menu - Hub-Like !

06-20-2015, 02:22 PM
I suggest this makes to the game!!!

ok, so, you insert the disk in your console, the game starts maybe a cinematic blabla but then(this is the idea) when you first start to interact with the game you choose which is your favorite: samurais, vikings or knights. you choose samurai <3 for example: your menu is in those japanese houses for samurais with those doors that slide. but a little hub/house with your weapons/armor on the walls(even if they cant be customized, the armour and weapons, just some katanas and armor would be great) and a bed, etc, just things to make it more cool and relatable things to your faction. and that is the menu with [Options], [Play Online], [Campaign], etc and with the [Practice]. the practice would be where you control your character, in this case, the samurai. you practice on the yard just outside that little room you would see on the menu with a dummy and maybe a master there for you to fight him(off course no one dies) and for even more coolness you the character would be dressed in samurai robes. is it too much to ask? the robes?

to go back to the [Options], [Play Online], [Campaign] thing you just press Options again in the ps4 or ESC pc and the thing on xbox and it would show up again with the [Continue Practicing] now there.

the knights could be in the castle or something and vikings in the mountains.

i think this is great, the practice would be easy to access and a fun and cool menu would be in the game.

i dont know if i have made myself clear...

what do you guys think?