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06-20-2015, 06:24 AM
Hey, first off super excited for the game already looks like a game im going to sink 100s of hours into!

While this may already be a mode that you guys just haven't revealed to us,I wanted to suggest a mode that's increased the multiplayer longevity of a game released in 2011. Red orchestra two has a mode called Campaign, in which you and the enemy team act as factions taking territories on a map board. The core game is exactly the same the only addition is when you win you take a territory on an overall map which would be a continent. Each territory you hold gives you resources and it costs resources to attack and defend. The winning team decides whether to attack or defend. A faction loses the overall game when they lose all territories or all points.

This one game mode has kept Red Orchestra/Rising Storm alive and interesting for quite a bit. It gives you a sense of deeper investment with the crucial importance of each battle. I think this falls in line with the whole choose your faction feel this game has as well. You develop loyalty for your side when there's a grander scope with more investment.

Now I'm not saying copy RO stroke for stroke, but Id use it as a concept to expand on. It is a brilliant substitute for matchmaking that keeps you invested and immersed.

The Legion is Coming!