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06-19-2015, 04:07 PM

Hi Guys,

It was an absolute pleasure meeting so many of you at the recent Assassin's Creed Syndicate Tour event in London!

We are aware that some of you would like to leave feedback about your experience of the event - about the staff, location and the game, so here is a thread for you guys.

This was the first time Ubisoft has run an event such as this - allowing gamers across the EMEA the chance to play the same demo as those at E3!

Please remember this thread is intended for those who attended the event, since this feedback is very important to show if it's a good idea to run another!

06-19-2015, 05:39 PM
Though I wasn't at the event, I would like to say that if this does become a regular occurrence then it would be appreciated if you guy's could come to the Emerald isle!! It's a fantastic idea and shows that Ubisoft are taking on board the thoughts and concerns of those who are lining their pockets.

06-19-2015, 06:21 PM
I was part of the 7:20pm-7:40pm group on Wednesday the 17th and absolutely loved the whole experience, the staff were fantastic and I thought it was a lot of fun. The temporary tattoos there was cool too.

Aside from that I thought it was funny when I skipped the cutscene after playing through the mission once in order to do some free roaming, that it dropped me inside the area where the cutscene took place with no way out and the staff member there had never seen that happen before! (A simple quit to main menu fixed the issue, but it was still funny)

Overall I thought the event was fantastic! Would definitely go to another one!

06-19-2015, 09:09 PM
My friend and I arrived on 17th, at 13:20. I honestly didn't have my hopes high up because the event is free, which is amazing. I wasn't surprised that all the content show was what I already seen at E3 or official AC youtube. The demo didn't have any issues for me, and I enjoyed playing it. I did notice that the textures were a bit off, but I am guessing it's because it's alpha (I noticed same thing on Deus Ex alpha they just showed yesterday). My friend got stuck on a ledge immediately though. The staff seemed really worried about it and helped as quickly as they could. Overall, it was really nice. I arrived from another city and I do not regret going at all. The staff was lovely and I was so surprised there were even free drinks and all these other fun things to get (like cheesy tattoos, making me feel like 12 year old again, or the green screen photos... it was fun!). Considering it must have cost a lot just to get this whole thing going, I feel like I have no right to have any complaints. Also, thank you for the poster. It looks nice hanging on my wall. You did great, it wasn't something you get to experience everyday.

I really wish Syndicate will do better than Unity (even though I was one of the lucky few who didn't experience massive glitches). You guys seem to be really working hard and I hate seeing you getting dragged through mud so much. Good luck and thank you for the tour! - Agne

06-19-2015, 10:16 PM
I was part of the event yesterday afternoon not in London but in Paris 😉 and I have only one thing to tell to you dear Ubisoft, thank you so much !!!

Everything was wonderfully organized, all was perfect.

I'm an hardcore fan of the AC franchise since its beginning and it's a great feeling to have the privilege to participate at this preview.

Even if it was a pre-alpha demo, the game was extremely fluid. For me, Jacob is and will be one, if not the greatest assassin of all time !!!

It's not because I'm hyped that I write this 😃 it's because Jacob reminds me Ezio a lot. He is so charismatic, so brutal, so agile, so a lot of things that I can't explain in english because it's not my mother tongue : ( but I've enjoyed playing with him sooooo much.

The only critics I emit are with the carriages and the stealth mode.

The horses are invincibles, they can destroy lampposts without any damage😂😂😂.

About the stealth mode, I was hurt in the back at the end lol. Poor Jacob, walking in this kind of position every time must be so
uncomfortable and painful.

If it's possible for the developers to put an option that permit to walk naturally in the stealth mode, it will be perfect 😉

Finally, I'm so confident for the final release. I only hope that the pc date will not delayed much.

Thank you Ubisoft for everything. I really hope that you will repeat this event next year.

06-20-2015, 01:51 PM
I attended the 3pm event on Thursday June 19th in London, and I certainly wasn't disappointed. The venue was interesting and the staff were friendly and helpful.
I enjoyed the presentation of the trailers and our introduction to Jacob and Evie, after watching the E3 presentation it was on to the second floor.
Here I would have liked longer to do the interactive sections on the London map, and this bit was the only bit that felt rushed to me. With the photos, tattoos, statues etc there was a lot to do and as such not much time to do the map and I would have liked to read each bit on it.
Once we went upstairs and had a drink it was time for us to try the game. It was nice that the staff were close by to ask questions to if needed, or generally chat to as I did with one gent after completing the mission and free roam.
The game play itself felt a little odd to start with but then this is something that will become second nature after playing from the beginning. The game was beautiful and I like the idea of the 2 Assassins and their different styles. The addition of hijacking carriages adds a level of fun to the game and whilst they're initially difficult to get to grips with (as they should be, it's a horse and carriage) they are great fun to use. The zip wire I approached with trepidation, I didn't want it to be like Batman's grapple gun and on using it, whilst there is a little of that feeling, it added another dimension that may prove more beneficial than just using it to climb buildings, I'll wait and see on that one. The free running with Jacob felt easier to control and the cut scenes were beautiful.
Overall I was impressed with the game play and the event itself. I had a great time and thank you for the free print (unexpected but very nice surprise).
I would have loved some merchandise available to buy as the shipping and custom costs when ordering from Ubisoft are a limiting factor in what I can get my hands on, and I was also a tad annoyed that the pictures from the event can only be sent to you via twitter, which seems a shame when you're excluding (admittedly rare) people who don't use a twitter account, I have some cracking pictures of my Husband who cosplayed Desmond on the day by the signs but couldn't send them to you on twitter, and as such couldn't enter the competition on there.
Having said all that, overall I loved the event, it was worth travelling 6hrs (round trip) for and PLEASE do it again. Can't wait for Syndicate and thank you so much for bringing this to London and making it so accessible to us hardcore fans. Keep up the good work everyone :)

06-20-2015, 02:36 PM

If you have pictures you would like to share - by all means post them here :)

The competition / hash tag - was only for twitter though, sorry!

06-24-2015, 11:40 AM
The event was great but the game raised a few concerns. I'm sure many of them were just quirks of the demo but without knowing that I can't make that distinction so apologies if that's the case.
It looked and felt great, navigation greatly improved from Unity. The rope launcher worked well but I'd have liked more from it ie take a running jump off the top of a tall building and mid fall fire the launcher at a building on the opposite side of the street.
I tried to do this but the game wouldn't let me jump off the top of a building. Hopefully that's a demo limitation coz I don't like the idea of the game stopping you from being reckless.
I couldn't use the hidden blade in combat, again hopefully a demo limitation.
I REALLY don't like change in assassination moves that unity brought in whereby you strike with your hands first and then the wrist blade ie aerial assassinations where you pounce onto someone then stab them rather than combine the motion. Honestly it seems a bit crap, you may as well do away with the hidden blade in that case. Like the end of the E3 gameplay demo, the epic leap as the train carriages separated, but rather than flying through the air with the blade out Jacob lands the target a punch then stabs him. What's the point? It doesn't make sense to hit someone THEN kill them. Just lead with the wrist blade, its an iconic assassin move.
Crowds, the streets were dead. Hardly any npcs. I know its just a demo and unity struggled with crowd numbers but you're going to need a few hundred ppl on the streets at any given time to make it feel like London.
For gods sake get rid of the name Bloody Nora, if anyone working on the game was from London they'd have pointed out just how unbelievable that is, plus its thought to be a corruption of "bloody horror" not someone's name.
Jumping on and off carriages and from one carriage to another worked very well.
No open buildings, I loved that in unity you could wander in & out of so many buildings, it made the world so much more believable. Hopefully its just another demo thing coz other wise it's a massive step backwards.

Things I'd like to see
I'd like to ride in trains not just on top of them and even better the sitting crowd blend mechanic should work on a train! That would be great. You could be trying to avoid being found by templars searching through a carriage in a mission etc.
Present day, please PLEASE sort this out, we need a playable relevant present day story with something at stake, something important, a reason to be using the animus in the first place. For me AC3 nailed it, social stealth in a metro station and a sports arena was awesome!
Keep up the good work guys, I look forward to my time with Syndicate.

06-24-2015, 12:44 PM
I wasn't able to attend in the end, but I would echo the comments about merchandise. There are some amazing items on the Ubi Workshop site, but the shipping costs are astronomical for us UK/European fans. Would be great if you had a selection of said items at each venue for next year. Perhaps some exclusives?

I think it's a nice step from Ubisoft to try and engage more with it's fans. From what I have read on other sites, the tour went down very well with fans and many enjoyed their time. I wonder if this might perhaps lead to a proper convention for Ubisoft at some point? Blizzard hold Blizzcon each year, and they have way fewer IP's and game releases than Ubisoft.