View Full Version : Diamonds

06-19-2015, 03:49 PM
I see that in this newest update, we are not able to get diamonds from the steeplechases anymore, which I think is ridiculous. It would be okay if you had changed the extreme amount of diamonds that you ask for for other things, but the quantities remained the same AND now you are also charging diamonds for ALL of the stamina boosts in steeplechases.
I suggest that you either bring back the diamonds to the races OR cut it down on the amount and quantity of the stuff you ask diamonds for. It's impossible to catch up!
I play everyday and I have bought all the special packages with my credit card. I would have spent money on the new Arabian breed too if I hadn't seen these negative changes. I am willing to keep spending money as long as you keep this game fair, otherwise I'll just stop playing. Please bring the diamonds back or change the amounts!