View Full Version : Unity - Late to the Party

Bipolar Matt
06-19-2015, 03:42 PM
I have to say; I liked Unity a lot more than the general consensus. Although I'm an AC Die-hard, so, not surprising.

The graphics were simply amazing. Most beautiful game I've ever played in my estimation.

Arno was a good lead, and I think I liked him better than most people too. He was snarky, consistent with someone his age, especially when he was getting treated like Bellec's b*tch at the start. He had an everyman quality about him that I appreciated.

I also liked the fact that you had to be choosy about your gear. Pick a type and stick to it, basically, especially when it came to legendary gear (I'm health conscious, so medieval was my go-to).

The combat was tougher, for sure. Though once I got the hang of it, it was not difficult to master at all.

That being said...there were definite things that could have been improved.

1. The game was highly repetitive in its missions, almost like the first one was. More variety in the side content in Syndicate, please.

2. The combat could have used some more meat to it. Human shields from gunshots, counters in addition to parries, though not necessarily insta-kill counters, things like that.

3. I missed hidden blade combat. And for that matter, some more variety in hidden blade kill animations, please.

4. Some of the supporting cast could definitely have used some character development. Elise. Bellec. Germain. The rest of the Assassin Council. A few others.

5. I know this has been brought up before; but English accents in 18th century France?

Looking forward to Syndicate.